About Dr. King’s Farm

In addition to being a practitioner in the healing arts, I’m a fourth-generation family farmer.

When we relocated to the southern Appalachian Mountains, we wanted to take advantage of its natural biodiversity. The hearty environment of Western North Carolina has enabled our research and development team to study a wide variety of wild, nutrient-rich and medicinal fruits, vegetables and herbs.

In 1985, I began raising bison as a healthier source of meat, eventually establishing Carolina Bison. At Dr. King’s Farm, our robust bison herd, which includes wisent, watusi, plains and white bison, graze freely on hundreds of acres of open pasture, reminiscent of the original native herds. We also raise yak and camels, and grow wild muscadine grapes and therapeutic herbs.

Our mission is to discover and promote healthier lifestyles by offering healthy meats and other wild superfoods that awaken our positive genetic expressions.

For more information or ordering, visit Carolina Bison / Dr. King’s Farms or call (877) 562-8947. You can even book a Dr. King’s Farm tour online!