Allergy Relief Breakthrough: Seasonal = Regional

Regional Allergies

Allergic responses are very individualized. Anyone who suffers from “hay fever” knows that the triggers are seasonal airborne pollens.

Allergy symptoms are uncomfortable (to say the least!), as sufferers well know. Symptoms include red, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, itching, and a runny nose.

In short, part of the body’s immune system is overactive and on red alert: “DING-DING-DING-DING!!!!” Its alarm system is going crazy!

Turning Off the Alarm

Turning to pharmaceutical drugs for symptom relief carries risks of negative side effects, such as: headache, hives, drowsiness, racing heart, nervousness, dizziness, insomnia, and dry mouth. In addition, some put extra stress on the heart, liver and kidneys, and mixing these drugs with alcohol can cause very serious results.

Those who choose natural solutions for allergy symptom control, such as consuming local honey and bee pollen, or taking herbal supplements, report varying degrees of success.

Or, natural shoppers may choose to boost their immune systems with vitamin supplements, which may help, depending on the vitamin’s purity and specific actions. (Some immune-boosting supplements, however, can make allergies worse by stimulating the already overactive part of the immune system.)

Another natural solution is waiting for you…

Dr. King’s Helps Awaken the Healing Response

One safe, natural solution is homeopathy. Homeopathy helps awaken the healing response at its root Dr. King cause in the body, so it can overcome the symptoms – without any negative side effects.

Dr. Frank King’s 40 years of experience has shown him firsthand, that homeopathy helps, over time, train the immune system to be less hypersensitive to potential allergens.

By affecting the nervous system at the bioenergetic level (rather than the biochemical level, as herbs and vitamins do), homeopathy seems to “reset” the body’s control networks.

Go Local Naturally

Dr. King’s mission is to help people overcome health obstacles, such as seasonal allergies. He realized that “seasonal” allergies are “regional” allergies! Each U.S. region has its own unique tree, flower, and grass pollens.

He saw that allergy correction didn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all approach.

So he developed nine regional homeopathic allergy products, targeting the specific allergy triggers of each region.

Map of allergies in the U.S.

Tips for Choosing Your Formula

  1. Deeply rooted: If you’ve lived in one area your whole life and developed seasonal allergies there, simply choose your regional formula.
  2. Border-liners: If you live on the border of two regions, you may respond best to one or the other formula (or possibly both).
  3. Transplants: If you developed your seasonal allergy response in a former location, you may respond best to the formula from that previous region (after a cross-country move, for example). A deciding question for this may be whether you’ve experienced allergies in your prior home and now, or only in your most recent location.
  4. Tumbleweeds & Travelers: If you move or travel frequently, Dr. King’s Allergy & Hay Fever Reliever will have you covered wherever you roam.

Dr. King’s Award-Winning Regional Allergy Formulas

Dr. King developed his pure natural medicines in a taste-free, pure water base, since it was the least allergenic for his highly allergic patients.
Free of common allergy-inflammation triggers, Dr. King’s Natural Medicine® has:

2015 Vity Awards Winner

  • no sugar
  • no alcohol
  • no glycerin
  • no gluten
  • no dairy (lactose)
  • no corn or soy

Each formula comes in an easy-to-use oral spray mist bottle. No pills, no droppers, no blister packs … no problem!
These formulas have won industry recognition* for Dr. King’s innovative approach and how well they work!

See for yourself. Try your regional allergy formula and take back your health.

Enjoy every season — choose your region!

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*The Vity Award (Vitamin Retailer magazine)