Back to School Spells S-T-R-E-S-S

School = Stress … for Adults + Kids

Sure, kids are excited about going back to school after the summer. But they also experience the stress of social relationships, homework pressures, time constraints, and the changed family dynamic with tight schedules, hurried meals, and less “relaxed” time. What to do???

For families trying to juggle many priorities, homeopathy can help enormously for everything from stress, to sleep, to focus, to upset tummies, to colds, fever, and flu. “Home” is the beginning of the word homeopathy, and it surely belongs in every home!

These formulas are very popular with parents and their children:

Some may seem similar by the names. Just click on each link to read the Uses for each to see the differences.

Start building your “home”-opathy natural medicine chest, for everyone’s sake. Let school days be as fun and productive as possible, and leave the stress behind!