Bella: The Allergy Detective

“Hey, Daddy. Look at this.” My 12-year-old daughter Bella showed me the backs of her hands. They were covered with a red rash. White scaling cowered in the cracks between her fingers. “Does it hurt?” I asked. “No. It’s just red and rough.” “It could be a reaction to the cold weather,” I said. The mountain air in Western North Carolina can be brutal at times. “Keep your hands warm and moist and let’s see if that helps.” When that didn’t help, I suspected that a food allergy might be causing the eczema on Bella’s hands.


“Meet me in the kitchen,” I told her. “Let’s see if you are allergic to anything you’re eating.” Bella has been doing Muscle Response Test (click here for an in-depth explanation of MRT) with me since she was young, so we got straight to business in the kitchen. She held some wheat bread in one hand while I tested her other arm. Her muscle was firm as a rock. I gave her a box of crackers. She was steady and strong. I gave her a natural energy bar. Down her arm went, weak as a willow twig. “Wow,” said Bella. “Do you think that’s the problem?” “Maybe, but let’s keep testing,” I suggested. “You might only be allergic to some of the ingredients in that bar.” I gave her a dried fruit and oat bar. She was strong. I gave her a peanut butter bar. Down her arm went. “I think we’re getting closer,” I said. “Try this.” I gave her a jar of peanut butter. Down her arm went. I gave her a can of peanuts. Down her arm went. “I think we found it, Dad,” she said with big smile on her face. We read the ingredients in the energy bar and sure enough, peanuts were listed. From that moment, Bella stopped eating peanut butter, peanuts and peanut ingredients. In a week, the eczema was nearly gone. In two weeks, her hands were free from all traces of rash. Bella avoids all peanut products and has been rash-free ever since that day, thanks to some thoughtful kitchen detective work. You can try this technique at home and read more about it in my book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally.

Welcome to the Healing Revolution. Enjoy the journey!

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