Carolina Bison on UNC TV

Earlier this summer, UNC TV gave us a call and asked if they could visit our beloved bison ranch here in Western North Carolina. They wanted to learn more about the bison that Dr. King and all of us here at the farm have worked so diligently to repopulate, and to showcase the rise in popularity of bison in our state as part of their television series, “Flavor, NC.”

Well, we couldn’t say no to that! The show is dedicated to preserving and celebrating North Carolina’s agricultural heritage, and gives an educational peek into local farms and the work farmers do to bring all their delicious foods to our dinner tables—a true farm-to-table insight from start to finish.

The first episode of Flavor, NC, which aired earlier this week featuring our farm, is available to view online. It beautifully captures the landscape of our lush farm, the amazing animals here, and, of course, Dr. King’s passion in sustaining these ancient breeds here in western North Carolina.

“Our state’s natural habitat is home to all kinds of animals—from the black bear to the bobcat, weasels, wolves and even flying squirrels,” said UNC TV show host Lisa Prince. “But the rolling hills of Western North Carolina might be the last place you’d look to find an iconic symbol of The American West—the bison.”

Watusi in field

The show goes on to feature Isa’s Bistro, located in the heart of downtown Asheville. Chef Duane Fernandes prepares three delectable meals on camera using our Carolina Bison meat, which you’ll perhaps want to take note of for a future meal of your own. What a treat!

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