Carol’s Story: Beauty Revived

Carol walked into our health clinic complaining of chronic hip pain. She was about 35 years old with dirty blond hair. She was attractive and had undoubtedly turned a few heads in high school, although now she was 30 to 40 pounds overweight. She had three kids and a husband who worked long hours in construction. Along with her hip problem, Carol was fatigued, lethargic, depressed and she had no enthusiasm. She was especially frustrated that she couldn’t keep her weight down. As for lifestyle habits, she didn’t exercise much, she loved sweets and she had a reputation for making outstanding cookies, cakes and baked goods.


Encouraged by the relief she experienced from chiropractic adjustments in the first few visits, Carol began to share more of her concerns with me. “I can’t seem to get my energy and enthusiasm up these days, Dr. King,” she confessed. “I know it sounds silly, but I wish I felt like I did when I was younger.” She laughed. “I’d lose some weight if I could. But I’ve tried every diet out there, Dr. King. I starve to death just to lose one pound, then I get it back just looking at a donut. Honestly, Dr. King, I don’t have much faith in diets anymore.” I laughed. “Neither do I, Carol. But don’t worry. My recommendations will not be difficult. Here’s something that you can use to get started.” She looked a little surprised when I reached into my bag and pulled out a regular oral thermometer. I told her to take her temperature in her armpit each morning. Then I arranged to see her again in a few days. Carol followed my instructions and brought me the requested temperature readings. We also performed the simple Ragland’s blood pressure test (explained in my book The Healing Revolution, to be released early in 2014). After putting all the data together, the results were conclusive. “Your thyroid is shutting down because of high blood sugar, Carol,” I explained. “That leads to weight gain, which in turn negatively affects your hip. The blood pressure tests show adrenal fatigue, which causes weakness in your tendons and ligaments. The main contributing factors are first of all, chlorine and fluoride in the city water you drink, and second, the bromine contained in the refined flour and baked goods that you eat. Third, you might evaluate the causes of stress in your life, since stress also contributes to adrenal fatigue.” “That sounds complicated,” she said. “It’s not,” I assured her. “I simply recommend that you start by drinking well or spring water, reduce your sugar consumption and eat less white, refined flour. Give it a try for a week or so, then let’s see how you’re feeling.” Carol eagerly accepted my recommendations. Meanwhile, I helped her find some other healthy, delicious food choices and showed her how a healthy diet (or “live-it,” as I like to say) does not mean starving. She replaced refined salt with sea salt and a natural iodine supplement. When she told me she liked to regularly soak in a hot tub, I warned her about the toxic levels of bromine she was absorbing from the dissolved chemicals. She immediately replaced that activity with other more healthy alternatives. I gave Carol some simple stretching exercises that would fit naturally into the flow of her day. She began walking regularly with friends in her neighborhood. Carol’s revival was dramatic. Like 80 percent of my patients, she experienced so much more than just the elimination of the one symptom that had driven her to reluctantly pick up the phone and give our clinic a call. Carol’s beautiful arms, legs and face were no longer buried under cellulite. Her energy and enthusiasm for life blossomed. Her marriage even improved. She became a missionary for natural foods and health, bringing her husband, kids and friends into the clinic for help with their issues. She dropped a heavy load from her heart, and the physical results blossomed all around her.