Do You Suffer from Seasonal Allergies

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. King has been helping people overcome allergies naturally for more than 40 years.

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Allergies are increasing worldwide, and scientists think it could be due to rising pollen counts from climate change.

But there’s another reason you may not have considered: the Industrial Revolution.

It brought mankind many modern products and conveniences, but it also brought many pollutants.

Factory smoke

There are now more than 80,000 man-made chemicals circulating in the air, water, soil, and food. They are in products we use every day. Some are known to be toxic, but most have never been tested for safety.

Toxins and Allergies are Inseparable!

Toxins are cumulative, and they build up in the tissues of living organisms (like us) through years and decades. No matter how clean a lifestyle we live, we all carry toxins. (Even unborn babies[1] and wild polar bears[2] carry hundreds of toxins within them!)

Many toxins damage internal organs, and make it more difficult for the body to detoxify itself. Consequently, immune systems have become weaker, which causes more hay fever and allergic reactions, as well as inflammation and many chronic conditions.

From Victim to Victor

It may seem hopeless, this unavoidable toxic assault of all life on Earth, but it’s not. We had the Industrial Revolution … and now The Healing Revolution® is here to help!

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The most remarkably simple and effective way to eliminate the symptoms of both allergies and toxicities is through homeopathic medicine.

For more than 200 years, homeopathy has continuously proven itself around the world as a safe, natural solution to ailments of all types, including allergies and detoxification. And it does so gently, without drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Homeopathy awakens the body’s natural ability to overcome symptoms at the root cause. And best of all, it’s safe for all ages, causes no known negative side effects, and has no contraindications.

Pushing Your Body’s Reset Button

Dr. King has repeatedly seen through the years that homeopathy allows the body to “reset” its control network and to stop reacting violently to common allergens. His Allergy & Hay Fever formula was developed to meet that need.

In his 40 years of experience, Dr. King has also seen homeopathy not only detox the body, but also keep it from becoming so toxic from those same elements again. He says it’s almost as if the body learns to “recognize” the toxin and keep it out.

He formulated the Total Body Detox to awaken the body’s elimination and detoxification channels to function better (without having a disruptive laxative effect).

Person in a field of flowers

Since allergies and toxicities are inseparable, it makes sense to address both at once. (And you can get both and save $10!)

Take back your health, with Dr. King’s easy-to-use, pure water based oral sprays.

Awaken your own Healing Revolution!