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Thank you for following The Healing Revolution and learning about the Eight Essentials. The eighth Essential is called Hands On Techniques, or H.O.T.s for short.

These are just as essential in helping you take care of your body as healthy food, water, and fitness. Some of these techniques are demonstrated in videos at drkings.com.

Now, you can get four additional gifts: 1 detailed eBook, and 3 detailed how-to charts.

Here’s why these 4 gifts are so valuable.

Stress, toxins, adrenal and thyroid imbalances, lymphatic stagnation, and allergic reactions all play a part in “dis-ease.” For 40 years, it’s been my passion to empower everyone with the tools and techniques they need to overcome health imbalances using natural methods.

Here are the free techniques I want to share with you:

  • Adrenal Thyroid Management eBook – Learn how to monitor and manage your adrenal and thyroid glands without expensive medical tests.
  • ICV Technique – Learn how to find and fix the Number One cause of autointoxication.
  • Emotional De-Stress Technique – learn how to easily reduce stress – quickly, safely, and so simple even a child can learn it.
  • Allergy & Toxicity Desensitization Technique – Learn how to desensitize from allergies, move lymph, and restore energy flow to all areas of the body.

These 4 gifts, 1 detailed eBook and 3 detailed how-to charts, explain valuable self-health techniques to take your health to a higher level, and not only your health, but also everyone close to you.

Optimal health is irresistible. As you implement the Eight Essentials in your life, you will awaken an inner joy. The more joy you feel, the more people will want to “joy-n” you on your journey!

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