Focus on Men’s Health

Father’s Day is almost here. When it comes to health, men often want to focus on three areas: anti-aging, the prostate, and libido. I want to share the easiest ways I know to help you look and feel great.

“Anti-aging” is really a misnomer, because we increase in age every day we’re alive, yet most of us want to keep on living! But we want to live pain-free, in optimal, joyous health. We want to age gracefully, and slow the negative aspects usually associated with aging. I like to call it “sage-ing, not aging.” We want to gain in wisdom, while maintaining our youthful vigor and energy. At 64 years young, I can tell you from firsthand experience that it’s both attainable and well worth looking forward to.

The Eight Essentials

I always begin with the focus on whole-person health and the Eight Essentials, which I explain in detail in my book, The Healing Revolution. The only way to get whole-person health is to understand how all eight aspects are essential parts of your overall health.

The Eight Essentials are: engaging the power of the human spirit, nutrition, water, sleep, fitness, nature, relationships, and healing hands-on techniques. They all tie together, and they affect all three of our topics, aging, prostate, and libido.

Some people get into a healthy diet and exercise, but they neglect the other six essentials. That’s out of balance and imbalance can’t lead to complete health.

You can check to see how you’re doing in balancing all Eight Essentials in your life by taking our free, online Whole Person Appraisal. This information is completely confidential, and you can print out the last page of helpful suggestions for reference. Make gradual adjustments in your lifestyle and take the test throughout the year to monitor your progress.

Aging Skin

We live in a world that seems to worship youth. Anti-aging skin care products are top sellers, and they are being purchased by younger customers.

Some are concerned about the aging effects of sun exposure. True, excessive exposure can damage and dry the skin, which accelerates wrinkles, especially if antioxidants are lacking in the diet. However, in balance, we need the immune-enhancing Vitamin D that Dr. Sunshine provides.

Perhaps the younger skin care product customers sense that they are aging faster. Due to stress and poor diet, they may not feel as young as their chronological age says they should.

Stress speeds aging, and also negatively affects healthy prostate function and libido. Nature has a calming effect, and taking a brief walk on a work break can do wonders for calming an overstressed mind or depressed mood. Deep breathing even calms a smoker better than a cigarette.

In fact, taking a walk outside touches on two of the Eight Essentials, nature and fitness. Drink water before and after your walk, and you’ve checked off three essentials at one time!

Essential Nutrition

As mentioned above, antioxidants are essential to slow aging and help our bodies detoxify from the onslaught of modern day toxins. No matter how clean our diet and lifestyle, we are still exposed to toxins on a daily basis. Shockingly, more than 80,000 human-made chemicals are circulating in our environment in all types of products, the air, water, soil and food.

An optimal, nutrient-dense diet, from real, whole foods, good fats, adequate protein, carbohydrates, calories, vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, and so on, is more essential today than ever before, due to these modern stressors.

Nutrition affects whole-person health from the inside out. Yet all Eight Essentials must be evaluated clearly, so I urge you to take our free, Whole Person Appraisal to see how your health can be taken to a higher level in all areas, including the reproductive areas.

Prostate Health

Symptoms of prostate imbalance include urination imbalances, painful ejaculation, frequent pain in the pelvic region or lower back, and more.

One cause for these symptoms might be benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – nonmalignant enlarged prostate. It doesn’t usually lead to cancer, but it’s always important to pay attention to symptoms.

Surprisingly, stats vary between 1 in 7 and 1 in 3 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime, most of them older than age 65. (It’s rare in men younger than 40.) Doctors have also said, “Most men die with prostate cancer, but not from it.”

If you have symptoms, go and get them checked out. Then you can evaluate your own treatment options and the risks and success rates of each.

For any diagnosis, I highly recommend not only getting a second opinion, but also working with a doctor who specializes in Functional Medicine.

Healthy Libido

Healthy attitudes about sex contribute to a healthy life, and, according to researchers, those who regularly engage in sex are healthier than those who don’t.

Libido relates to sexual desire, which some people lack. Although fewer men than women lack sexual desire on a regular basis (15% of men versus 32% of women), it’s a factor that researchers felt deserved study.[1]

Stress, low energy, and poor nutrition are common factors in lack of desire, but those are only three of many possibilities. And although I’m not a nutrient isolationist (since I’m an advocate of whole nutrition, as well as whole-person health), zinc deserves a special mention as a VIM (very important mineral) for male reproductive health.

The wonderful thing is that restoring balance need not be expensive or time-consuming, and the rewards are a more fulfilling and joyous life. In addition to using the Eight Essentials to help restore balance, homeopathic medicine also helps restore balance quickly.

Homeopathic Solutions

In 1789, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant German medical doctor and one of my heroes, developed a system of medicine he called “homeopathy,” meaning “similar suffering.” By using natural substances that at high doses caused the symptoms he was aiming to treat, and precisely diluting them to nontoxic potencies, Hahnemann created treatments that safely awakened the body’s own healing response.

For the past 200+ years, people have used homeopathy continuously around the world because 1) it works, 2) it is relatively inexpensive, and 3) it is safe. It produces no known negative side effects.

With conventional pharmaceutical drugs now being cited as the fourth leading cause of death, let that sink in for a moment: Safe medicine. Symptom relief without negative side effects.

The beauty of homeopathic medicine is that it works on an energetic level, not the biochemical level. Homeopathic ingredients are often manufactured beyond the molecular level, working on a bioenergetic level.

Affecting the body’s energy system and delivering messages almost instantly through the body’s nerve pathways, homeopathy affects change at the energetic level, much like acupuncture. In this way, it quickly addresses the whole person – physical, mental, and emotional.

Whole-Person Health: Body, Mind, Emotions

We are not just physical beings. We all have mental, emotional, and physical aspects, and imbalance in one area affects all the others, just as it does in any other part of nature. Homeopathy balances all three areas, unifying and resetting the internal control networks back to “healthy.”

Advanced, contemporary homeopathy uses multiple, active HPUS[2] ingredients in multiple potencies, including the rare LM potency. This multi-faceted approach allows the body to utilize exactly what it needs from each formula to awaken its own healthy balance.

Our medicine is delivered in a pure water base and an oral spray bottle. This makes taking a dose as simple as using a spray breath freshener. Easy, discreet, one-handed dosage, even while driving or in the middle of the night – no bottles to open or spill, no pills to swallow, no droppers to fool with.

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[2] Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (recognized by the FDA)