Forehead Stress Reflex Points

“Oh, my gosh!” exclaims a startled person, whose hand impulsively goes … where? To his or her forehead! It’s an instinctive response that seems unrelated to circumstances. And yet my experience with patients, built upon research about acupuncture meridians, has shown that this instinctive response is profoundly effective in helping to relieve stress. In addition to the stress receptor massage described above, try this simple and effective technique if you feel as if you are being robbed of positive emotions and attitudes. It has helped many of my patients break through negative thoughts and patterns, even moving some to tears as they found new vision and hope to push through and rise above significant challenges.


Here’s how it works.

  • Place one hand against your forehead so that your palm and fingers cover the two stress reflex points on the diagram.
  • Very lightly tug the skin on your forehead in one direction. Hold your hand against the skin; do not massage. Many people find a gentle downward tug works best.
  • Hold about four minutes while first thinking of the things that cause you stress. You may want to re-imagine peaceful and life-giving outcomes that will bring joy.
  • You may feel a pulse over these points. If you do, and if the pulse on one side is different from the other side, it often becomes synchronized as emotional tensions are released and resolved. Don’t be surprised if you feel a strong emotional response with this technique. I’ve often seen that happen with my patients, and it is always good.
  • Feel free to repeat this simple technique as often as you like.

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