Free for You – Dr. King’s Whole Person Appraisal

“To help the whole person, you must see the whole person.” – Dr. King

Back in 1979, I founded one of the first integrative natural health clinics in this country. My team of practitioners and I developed innovations in homeopathic medicine and natural healing protocols that led to such success that our clinic became hugely successful. Our slogan was: ‘Specializing in difficult cases.’

Part of the reason for this success was that I insisted that each patient fill out a detailed health appraisal. This was non-negotiable, because, as I told them, ‘In order to help the whole person, you must see the whole person.’

The small investment of time that it took to answer the questions rewarded the patients beyond their expectations. (We are sometimes very good at hiding from ourselves the core issues we need to re-evaluate.)

The detailed questions will guide you to the specific remedies and lifestyle adjustments that can help you transform your life, and more. When your health and life become revolutionized, it can even help revolutionize the health of your family and friends. As you reach your highest and greatest health potential, the positive energy is contagious!

So, today, I am thrilled to offer everyone – for free – this essential tool to evaluate your whole person health!

Please note:

  1. Set aside about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the online appraisal.
  2. IMPORTANT: You will not be able to save your answers if you get interrupted.
  3. To protect your privacy, the King Bio site will not save any of your answers.
  4. After you get your results, you will be able to print them. To your abundant health, Dr. King