Is it possible to completely kill Candida?

Can Candida albicans be “Killed?”

Candida symptoms can die off after certain treatments, but Candida organisms never completely leave the body: They are normal and naturally occurring. Candida treatments work to maintain a healthy Candida balance and prevent future overgrowth.

Is Killing Candida Safe?

When antibiotics are overused, overcoming Candida can be challenging. Candida is not adversely affected by antibiotics, so it grows unchecked afterward. While antibiotics are prescribed with the intention of killing bad bacteria, they also kill good bacteria necessary for maintaining balanced gut health. Without disease-fighting bacteria, the body becomes defenseless against Candida overgrowth.  

How Can I Kill Candida Overgrowth?

You have various treatment options, including antifungal pills and creams. If you want to avoid the side effects of prescribed medications, natural Candida treatments are available.

Throughout 200 years of use, homeopathic medicines have shown no negative side effects or contraindications with other drugs. In treating Candida, homeopaths take a whole-person approach, considering everything from a “person’s constitutional type”[1] (physical and emotional) to their lifestyle. “An experienced homeopath assesses all of these factors when determining the most appropriate treatment for each individual.”[2]

Dr. Frank King, a veteran homeopath of more than 30 years, has developed homeopathic remedies specific to Candida and its related symptoms.

Can I Kill Candida with My Diet?

For some Candida sufferers, diet can jump-start their recovery. Learn more about the Candida-control diet and see if it is right for you. 

Can Killed Candida Come Back?

The unfortunate answer is “Yes.” Because Candida overgrowth is individualized and often dependent on lifestyle, reoccurrence can be common. For example, if a sugary, yeasty diet is a patient’s biggest problem, resuming old behaviors after Candida overgrowth has cleared may lead to another outbreak. But if someone corrects their body’s internal terrain and supports their immune system after treatment, they may achieve better health and potentially avoid future Candida flare-ups.

For severe or persistent yeast infections or Candida-related infections, always seek immediate advice from a doctor.



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