Is there really a cure for Candida?

Candida Cure: Is it Possible?

“Cure” is a tricky word in regards to Candida. Despite mainstream popularity, there are remaining medical professionals who do not consider Candida or Candida-related infections valid health conditions. Furthermore, the human body naturally populates Candida organisms, so Candida will never fully disappear, nor does it need to. Curing Candida depends on balancing healthy levels and high levels (overgrowth) of Candida in the body. According to naturopathic physicians like Dr. Frank King, Candida symptoms are best addressed and managed through various natural healing techniques that support a healthy bodily balance of Candida organisms. 

Can You Cure Candida Naturally?

Natural treatments for Candida symptoms have been used successfully for years and include homeopathic medicines, traditional Chinese medicines, herbs, supplements and raw, organic, apple cider vinegar. While some authorities[1] recommend avoiding all vinegar (as a fermented food), others find raw and organic apple cider vinegar helps balance levels of Candida.   

Homeopathy and Candida 

Homeopathy utilizes the law of similars, which states “like cures like.” This is a recognized pharmacological principle that activates the body’s natural healing powers. During more than 200 years of clinical use, homeopathic medicines have shown NO recorded negative side effects and NO negative interactions with other drugs. King Bio offers a full line of powerful homeopathic products that relieve multiple symptoms of Candida overgrowth.

High Potency 9 is King Bio’s most advanced Candida formula, providing comprehensive symptomatic relief. While symptoms vary person-to-person, High Potency 9 relieves yeast infections, thrush, nail fungus, constipation, headache, nausea, itchy skin, fatigue, diarrhea, flatulence, forgetfulness, sleeplessness and cravings. And because it’s homeopathic medicine, there are NO known negative side effects.

“I had Candida symptoms for a year. I missed a lot of work and was very sick. While at the health food store, a nutritionist recommended High Potency 9. My sugar cravings were dramatically reduced after one night of use. Then, after three days, I had my energy back. I struggled for so long and now I suddenly feel alive again. I am shocked how fast it all happened.” − E.M.

High Potency 9 is created with 22, all-natural homeopathic ingredients designed to relieve telltale Candida symptoms – guaranteed − or your money back.  


Can You Cure Candida with Probiotics?

Probiotics can help Candida overgrowth by improving the gut terrain and strengthening the immune system. Some people may find relief using probiotics alone, but others may need a broad-spectrum approach that uses multiple natural treatment modalities.[2]

Can You Cure Candida with Diet?

Diet is a key factor is controlling Candida overgrowth. Researchers suggest adding “more garlic (fungicidal), nuts (essential fatty acids), whole grains (B vitamins), oregano, cinnamon, sage, and cloves (antifungal spices) to your diet may help avoid yeast infections.”[3] To view a full Candida-control diet plan, click here.

Candida Cure Considerations

Researchers have issued concern because drug-resistant strains of Candida are emerging.[4] Also, many of the conventional drugs used to potentially cure Candida have negative side effects.[5] Everyone’s body composition is unique, so we recommend consulting a physician and researching the potential negative side effects of a drug before taking it or starting a new natural Candida treatment method.