How to Make New Year’s Resolutions with Staying Power

This time of year, it seems impossible to avoid the bombardment of New Year’s resolution messages. Everywhere you look, we’re being instructed on how to “lose” this or “give up” that. And with the best of intentions, many of us get on board, making promises to ourselves about how this year will be different than the last.

The February Fizzle

2018Unfortunately, the vast majority of these New Year’s resolutions fizzle out by February. If that has happened to you in the past, you may wonder, “What’s the point of New Year’s resolutions when they don’t last?” I can understand that thinking, but the truth is it’s not the resolutions that are the problem, it’s the way we think about them. If you’re focusing on what you don’t want instead of what you do want, you’re setting yourself up for negative feelings about yourself. For instance, if you say, “I will give up all unhealthy foods and lose this awful weight,” you’ll end up feeling helpless, deprived, and victimized. And if you’re unable to keep up with the deprivation, you’ll end up feeling like a failure.

Take the positive path instead. Envision what you do want, and set your intentions on that. Using the weight loss example, what if you focused on how your life would improve if you were more fit? If you said to yourself, “I want to feel healthy and happy so life will be more fun and I’ll have more energy,” you’ll have a positive vision to help you make changes – and stick with them.

How to Make Resolutions That Stick

In my book, The Healing Revolution, I talk about concrete ways to make lasting changes in life. If you’re ready to start your year off by committing to a more vibrant and abundant life, I encourage you to read it. Based on the plan I’ve laid out in my book, here are a few tips for making resolutions with staying power.

  • Approach it from all angles. I talk a lot about the “Eight Essentials.” These are the areas we need to balance if we want real, whole-person growth in our lives. They include spirit, nutrition, water, fitness, sleep, nature, relationships, and hands-on healing techniques (more on that coming up). I liken the Eight Essentials to the eight legs of a spider. If a spider is missing two or three legs, he may still be able to crawl, but he’s likely to veer off path or go around in circles. It’s the same for us: If we aim for a healthy life from just a few angles, we may see some progress, but we won’t get as far as efficiently as we would if we took a whole-person approach.
  • Whole-Person Appraisal. To help the whole person, you must see the whole person. We are masters at keeping certain aspects of ourselves below the radar of our attention. This free, individualized Whole Person Appraisal questionnaire will help you see all Eight Essential areas of your life. Plus, it will offer helpful suggestions for how you can balance areas that have been neglected. Allow yourself about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to take the questionnaire in one sitting – it’s confidential and we can’t see or save your answers. When you finish, be sure to click on all the tabs to see your whole picture. Print out or save your results to reference later. Take the WPA as often as you like throughout the year to monitor your progress in making positive, lasting changes. It can be an exciting journey!
  • Tap Into Potential. The Hands-on Healing Technique I rely on for making lasting change is called TIP, for “Tap Into Potential” sometimes called just “tapping.” Tapping special acupuncture points helps program the positive resolutions deep within your inner being to make the inner changes behind successful outer Use this tapping technique while you make specific statements about the new you that you want to become, and you will help yourself achieve what you believe and desire. Watch this video for instructions on how to do it. As you become more comfortable with tapping, new personal, relevant thoughts will come to you. Doors of new insight will open, revealing deeper revelations into yourself.

This just skims the surface of the amazing potential you can tap into. There is so much more to this topic that I’m excited to teach you. My goal is an abundant life for all, and I want to help you on your journey.

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Make this year the pivotal year that your resolutions lead to life-affirming changes. Focus on the person you want to become, stay positive, and use these free techniques (and a supportive community!) to awaken the abundant life you deserve.

Enjoy the journey.

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