Multi-Dimensional Health

Western medicine is increasingly becoming more specialized. If you have a heart problem you go to a cardiologist. If your digestion acts up, you go to a gastroenterologist. I would rather see these symptoms in a more “whole-istic” way. The body is rarely like a car that can be fixed by simply replacing one isolated part. To continue this “parts” analogy, suppose you handed me a precision Rolex watch in beautiful working order and I put it into a cloth bag, took a hammer and gave it a few good whacks, and then handed it back to you. All the parts would be there but it wouldn’t work well. In nature, all the parts work together, all the time. Think about a tree reaching in all directions, above and below ground, growing hundreds of leaves and roots all at the same time. The tree doesn’t work to grow one leaf or one branch at a time. Likewise, your body wants to enhance good health in all directions, multi-dimensionally, not in a single direction or linear manner. You may need to see a specialist for a heart problem, but you also need to discover what is causing the heart problem. For example, do you have an emotional heartache that needs to be dealt with? Or are bad dietary choices leading to heart disease? Similarly, if you have digestive problems, you may need to evaluate “what’s eating you” or what it is you “can’t stomach.” Certainly, specialists have their place, but remember to look at the whole picture. Separatism is the opposite of whole-ism. Linear thinking leads to separatism. Practice the laws of natural abundance (with compound interest!) and tap into your multi-dimensional health. Enjoy the journey, Dr. Frank King

For more information about this topic, see Dr. Frank King’s book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally