My Great Awakening

I was in college and – like most students – accustomed to pinching myself during sleepy lectures. Perhaps that’s one reason why Dr. Paul Bragg’s presentation left me thunderstruck and speechless. I was astounded not so much by the elderly man’s spoken words as by his physical posture. Unbelievable, I thought. He is actually standing on his head! At 80 years of age, Paul Bragg lectured upside-down with more poise and grace than many people I knew who are accustomed to speaking the ordinary way up. I glanced at my watch. He’s been up for nearly ten minutes. This guy is amazing! With his gray-haired dome planted in the carpet, Paul Bragg lectured as nonchalantly as if he were reclining in an easy chair. I can’t remember everything he said that day, but I will never forget his delivery. Every word was so positive, vibrant, uplifting and life-enhancing.


Paul Bragg eventually righted his world view, giving me a clearer picture of an amazing man. To me, he was a paradox of youthful vigor in a vintage body. I took a guess at his date of birth, and was amazed to know that Paul Bragg would have been about seven years old when the Wright Flyer soared over Kitty Hawk. Now here he was still acting like a kid, though the world had changed dramatically all around him. I studied his statuesque features: his sturdy arms; his bronze, youthful skin; his bright smile; and the mischievous sparkle in his eyes. To me, it was as if a sculpted Greek deity had taken breath and stepped off a granite pedestal to walk among us. Every word he spoke was life to me. He attributed his health to decades of right living. That lecture was my epiphany. I was struck with amazement. Until then, “old age” had conjured in my mind the crippled image of a frail old man or woman leaning on a cane. Paul Bragg offered an alluring alternative: the picture of a spirited old rascal standing on his head. Sadly, I heard that Paul Bragg died a year or two after I’d seen him. His family reported that a surfing accident caused complications that contributed to his “early” demise. I was aghast when I heard the news. A surfing accident! I had never heard of anyone surfing in their 80s. This outlandish man was smashing all my stereotypes. Paul Bragg showed me my personal crossroads. For the first time in my life, I saw that I could choose what quality of life I wanted to live. Down one road I saw a frail old man with a cane. Down a second road I saw a man living life to the fullest, outrunning the devil to the end of the dock and diving into the water with a hearty laugh. That day I set off running down the road to health and fullness, and I have never turned back.

It matters not what your present age is or what your physical condition. If you obey nature’s laws, you can be born again. – Dr. Paul C. Bragg

This is adapted from Dr. Frank King’s book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally. Copyright 2014, Frank J. King, Jr. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.