Nature Nurtures

A polar bear transported from his natural environment above the Arctic Circle to the Death Valley of California won’t survive long there in the Mojave Desert. A fish dies without water. We can’t survive without our connection to the sunlight, the air, the soil and the earth. The more disconnected we become with the earth, the more we inhibit our bodies’ natural ability to heal. Natural is better … it’s a principle to live by. We were designed to live in sync with our environment. Synchronicity means aligning values, function and purpose with the days, weeks, months, seasons, tides, energies, migrations and natural rhythms of life. The holistic health movement is linked hand-in-glove with a green earth.

Sustainable living extends seamlessly from healthy hearts, minds and souls to the streets of our cities and the paths of our forests. The Eight Essentials that are good for you and me are also good for the earth.

On the other hand, cultural, social, agricultural, scientific, political and personal decisions that are made solely for economic or pragmatic reasons usually end up being catastrophic to both health and the environment. This should come as no surprise. The life-giving principles of nature are not lopsided in their benefits. Our lifestyle choices could not be good and right if they benefited people while raping the earth.

An awesome benefit of a natural, healthy lifestyle is that it restores peace and connectedness between us and our environment. The living earth beneath our feet is a patient teacher if we will only listen and learn. Nature nurtures us, and we nurture nature when our priorities are in order. Nature also nurtures our positive gene expressions. Epigenetics – the study of changes in gene expression – proves that you are not destined to inherit the negative genetic tendencies that run in your family. Your siblings might all die of cancer, but you are NOT destined to go down the same way.

Nature is an important Essential for reprogramming those gene expressions. The more you connect with nature – and the more healthy lifestyle choices you make – the greater results you will experience.

This excerpt comes from Dr. Frank King’s book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally. Copyright 2014, Frank J. King, Jr. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.