New Year, New You!

A sparkling ball descends on a crowd of thousands in Times Square, and with it, a massive chorus counted down from ten. When “one” was finally exclaimed at the stroke of midnight, there was rejoicing.

In America, the New Year celebration comes with a flurry of resolutions. Whether it’s losing a few extra pounds, kicking a bad habit, or trying something new, creating resolutions is a tradition many look forward to. Resolutions offer hope and hope is empowering.

On this journey, it’s easy to be discouraged or disgruntled when you fail to resist a tempting cupcake after a week of strict dieting or continue having “just one last cigarette” before quitting, but don’t give up. Remember: giving up on your goals means you’re giving up on yourself. If you don’t believe in you, who will?

But, it’s not always “just” a matter of willpower. Nutritional deficits can greatly impact your ability to succeed. Because your body and mind are so tightly intertwined, strong motivation and mental dedication could be hindered by physical weakness (and vice versa), so don’t be afraid to seek support.

If you need a helping hand, consider King Bio’s High Potency 9Appetite & Weight with P.H.A.T.Smoke Control, and Detox products. All are formulated to help your body safely and naturally fight cravings and other urges that may be experienced while detoxing.

You’re not alone in the fight to better yourself and your life. Across the world there are others, just as you are, crossing their fingers, closing their eyes, and hoping to find their truest and best selves in the new year. 

And if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Every minute, every day, and every year is a bright, shiny and new chance for self-discovery. Take it!

 You are the architect, not the victim, of your destiny. – Dr. Frank King