Optimal Health Flourishes in a Healthy Community

Whatever happened to Community?

Long ago, women hosted parties with a purpose: to spotlight products in a festive, comfortable home atmosphere, sell products, and make money for the company and their families. Parties centered around products like plasticware, cookware, lingerie, makeup, and more. This strategy was highly successful and transformed many formerly bored housewives into thriving, empowered entrepreneurs.

Although making money is a powerful motivator for many people, most people agree it’s fun to have (or be invited to) a party or friendly gathering.

Let’s flip the script on those parties of the past…

Parties with a Purpose

The Healing Revolution CommunityWhat if the motivation for a party was not about making money or buying products, but something much more valuable than either? All the money and “stuff” in the world isn’t worth much compared to the value of being vibrantly healthy.

Sadly, many people try to make healthier choices but fail without a support system. Changing behavior seems even harder when everyone around you wants unhealthy choices. Friends, co-workers (and even family members) may say, “You’re nuts! I’m not going to give up my junk food snacks and sodas!” Or they may look hurt, saying, “But I made this [fill-in-the-blank-unhealthy-treat] just for you. You have to eat some!” (No, you don’t “have to.”)

Change is hard, but having a support network makes it easier. It helps when others on the same path encourage you when you fall short and cheer you when you triumph.

The Healthcare Crisis Solution is The Healing Revolution®!

Without support networks, people are sicker and die sooner. Social scientists now recognize that modern society is isolating, in spite of (or maybe because of) social media.

In some regions of the UK, healthy, compassionate community is now seen as a public health necessity. Check out the fascinating Compassionate Frome Project, where after implementing a social network to combat loneliness, hospital visits fell by 17%, while surrounding communities had a 29% increase during the same time frame. Doctors there estimated one in ten people had surgeries mainly because they were lonely!

How about you? Do you have a healthy tribe around you? People who are convinced that to be healthy, we have to work with nature and not against it? We have to look to natural, nontoxic solutions for ailments and seek to understand root causes, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional, because almost everything is all three. We are whole persons, not sets of isolated symptoms. Everything is connected to everything else.

And we need healthy communities to be connected to as well, just like the gut microbiome is a population of enormous proportions. Equilibrium or balance is maintained when a greater proportion of healthy microorganisms outnumbers the unhealthy ones. When the balance shifts the other way, we experience symptoms.

The question is, are you surrounded by a healthy tribe of like-minded people on the same path of choosing health over illness?

Find (or Inspire) Your Tribe

If you have a tribe of health-minded friends around you, Congratulations! If you don’t, would you like to create one? (Keep in mind that it will be both good for you and fun.)

The book, The Healing Revolution, is a ready-made guidebook for creating your healing tribe, right where you are. The book may be used as a meeting guide for healing parties of those who want to become healthier naturally. Depending on your group’s enthusiasm, you could meet weekly or monthly.

The idea is to journey together on a gradual, step-by-step path, helping people go from knowing almost nothing about natural health to becoming empowered Healing Revolutionists, revolutionizing not only their own health, but the health of all those around them, family and friends. It will make healthier individuals, families, and communities, and ultimately a healthier world for future generations.

The Healing Revolution is organized into chapters of the Eight Essentials of a healthy life. Two main tools (MRT and TIP) are used throughout the book, so the group must learn those first. The TIP technique is done individually, but the MRT needs two healing buddies, so the group can pair up to practice on each other.

Each meeting can focus on one of the Eight Essentials. The group leader can tell a little bit about that Essential or read parts of the chapter to the group. Everyone can discuss what life-affirming choices they are making, and where they want to do better.

Each meeting can begin with everyone sharing their victories (and how they did it) and struggles. Encouragement is encouraged! We want to support each other and foster encouragement and empowerment, not judgement.

Does this resonate with you? This is a brand-new, blossoming idea, and if you can see yourself helping others in this way, we will help you. We can help you (if you need it) with wording for ads to generate interest in a group. We will help you with disclaimers and guidelines to share with your group (e.g., mutual respect for everyone, etc.).

We are continually building and sharing free tools online to help everyone, everywhere, find (or inspire) their healing tribes. These groups will be the first to see all our cool, new creations.

Our world is suffering. The most powerful healing tools are free and available to us all. It’s time to gather together and make a difference. Let’s have more healing parties to create healthier communities, a healthier society, and a healthier world!

If you can see yourself becoming a leader in The Healing Revolution, email us at sunny (at) kingbio.com to learn more.

Together, we can create healthy communities – and enjoy the journey!