Pesky Pet Allergies

Caring for animals is one of my greatest passions. Growing up on a farm, I worked with horses, cattle, pigs, chickens and many other animals. I also kept my own “little zoo” (as I liked to call it). I had frogs (hundreds of them), hawks, snakes and an alligator I kept in my shower (until my parents found out). They were all pets to me. Now I live on a ranch in Western North Carolina where I have bison, camels, yak, and of course, my family dogs and cats. I have nurtured many of them through health difficulties, including allergies.


If your pet has suffered through seasonal allergies, food allergies or environmental allergies you know what the telltale signs are: hot spots, bald spots, various skin rashes and excessive scratching, licking or biting. Some may even experience irritability and restlessness because they cannot find relief from the persistent itchiness they feel. When I see an animal in the throes of discomfort from allergy symptoms, I recommend combining diet and environmental changes with homeopathic medicines for safe, natural relief. Food: Grains are one of the biggest allergy sensitivities for dogs and cats. Many major-brand pet foods and treats are full of fillers, grains and preservatives. Buy a grain-free alternative that contains purer, healthier ingredients to nourish – not irritate – your furry friend. Bathing/Cleaning: Frequent bathing with gentle, natural soaps can help pets with environmental allergies. Skin irritations can be minimized by washing off pollen, bugs and dirt from playing outdoors. An oatmeal bath will reduce itching and soothe the skin. Additionally, keep your home clean and free of dust and outdoor residues. Medicine: Think twice before taking your pet to the vet for allergy shots – or worse, steroid injections and pills that carry serious side effects. Instead, I recommend homeopathic medicines that have no negative side-effects and are easily administered. Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals produces taste-free and pure-water based homeopathic products that simply go in your pet’s water bowl daily. On my ranch, pets are family: from the two-pound kitten to the two-humped camel. When they are healthy and happy, so am I!

Welcome to the Healing Revolution. Enjoy the journey!

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