Pets and Stress

True love is understood between species

Many of the best things in life are intangible. Like true love, and being “in tune.”

Beloved pets can tune into our feelings and be there to comfort us or make us laugh when we need them most – which is every day!

You know when they are happy and relaxed…

and when they are upset and stressed.

When your best efforts to help them feel better aren’t enough, be empowered – with safe, natural homeopathic medicine.

What is homeopathy, exactly?

Homeopathy works on all living things, including pets.

For more than 200 years, worldwide, homeopathic medicine has proven itself to be a superb system of natural health care.

It has no negative side effects, no negative interactions with other medications, and it works on all living things, including pets. And that’s the nice thing about seeing homeopathic medicine deliver relief for animals – you know there’s no “imaging it” or “placebo effect” going on!

How does it work?

Herbs and nutritional supplements work biochemically. The body must break them down to use the natural chemical substances on the physical level. (Although natural, herbal and nutritional supplements can have negative interactions in some cases.)

Homeopathic medicine works on a bioenergetic level. (“Bio” means “life,” thus, “life energy.”) As we know from pondering true love, there is more to life than the physical level. Homeopathic medicine works via the energy network of the body, awakening the body to overcome and balance the health issue.

It accomplishes this through the “law of similars,” which is used even today in modern medicine. The law of similars is the reason behind putting allergens in allergy desensitization shots, and viruses in vaccines. However, using large amounts on the physical level (which may cause negative side effects) is not necessary.

Since 1789, homeopaths worldwide have shown that highly diluted, potentized substances can energetically accomplish healing without any toxicity. And because homeopathy works via the body’s energy system, it can work very fast, often within minutes to hours.

“Your Stress Control product has changed our pet from aggressive, to a happy, loving dog. Thank you.”

— Michelle T.