Healthy Pets, Happy People!

Family is what you make it. For some, family would be incomplete without an occasional tail wag, purr and – most of all – LOVE from a pet.

Like other family members, pets can get sick and require health care. Since King Bio believes in natural health solutions for all, Dr. King, our founder, developed Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals®: Natural and homeopathic pet products for varying conditions in dogs and cats, with the motto, Simple. Safe. Smart.

Giving pets medicine can be challenging, but tricks, treats and traps are no longer necessary! Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals has solved the problem with our taste-free and water-based medicines: Simply pour ½ measuring teaspoon into your pet’s water bowl once daily. Your pet will drink the appropriate amount of medicine for its size. As a plus, homeopathic medicines have NO recorded harmful side effects.

On Dr. King’s Farm, pets are family: from the two-pound kitten to the two-humped camel. When they are healthy and happy, so are we! 

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