Renee’s Story: “My Problem is Ron”

Renee came into my practice with a problem that was difficult for her to verbalize. She was a fast-paced, type-A person, and she arrived with her husband Ron who was much more laid-back and mild. Renee’s health assessment showed headaches and stress. We treated Renee’s headaches homeopathically, although she was still bothered about something else. Gradually the primary reason for their visits rose to the surface. “My problem is Ron,” said Renee. “I don’t love him. I don’t even want him to touch me.”


Renee and Ron had heard that our clinic was having success in out-of-the-ordinary cases, and they wanted to explore natural answers for their marital issues. “What is the main problem you are having with Ron,” I asked Renee. “I’m just not attracted to him anymore.” “Has he been cheating on you?” I asked. “Or are you attracted to somebody else? Do you have abuse issues in the past that are unresolved?” Her answers were always in the negative. I was so perplexed. I saw no strong desire in her to reconcile with Ron, apart from the fact that she kept coming back to see me twice a week. I tried Muscle Response Test with Renee. (See the “Muscle Response Test” article for more information.) I asked her to say “I love my husband.” “I love my husband,” she said, and her arm went totally weak. I asked her to say “I like my husband.” Her arm went weak with that one too. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything she liked about her husband. Whenever I saw her, I would tap in a circular pattern on her upper temple, and I taught her to tap there too. (See the “Tap Into Potential” article for more information about this technique.) This temporal sphenoidal area is helpful for bringing openness and receptivity to new ideas and attitudes. Finally, I found a chink in Renee’s armor. “Try saying this,” I asked her. “I might like to possibly fix things with my husband.” The Muscle Response Test showed her arm to be strong! Like a goat climbing a craggy cliff, we found a twisting path through affirmative statements that she was willing to say about her husband. Meanwhile, I had her tap acupuncture points while making statements of affirmation about Ron. Within a week Renee was saying with confidence, “I want to like my husband. I want to love my husband. I want our marriage to get better.” Her muscles tested strong when she made these statements. Within three weeks, her husband Ron pulled me aside. “I don’t know what you’re doing,” he said, “but keep it up. It’s working.” Within about a month she was saying “I love Ron” with strong, positive results. She and Ron were happily married. They enjoyed eating together, laughing together and going on dates together. That just goes to show you how far you can go with the Healing Revolution.

This is adapted from Dr. Frank King’s book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally. Copyright 2014, Frank J. King Jr. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission from the author.