Savor the Safe Sleep You Seek

Recent years have revealed some very real dangers of conventional sleeping pills, including daytime drowsiness, which leads to higher numbers of car and workplace accidents. Millions of Americans take these drugs, and the reports were so widespread and troubling that the FDA reduced the recommended dosage.

The alternative approach is to seek an answer with safe, natural methods and medicines.
Is your bedroom a sleep sanctuary used only for sleep and the sanctity of sex? No LED clocks, electric blankets, or cell phones emitting EMFs, no TV, no computers, and hopefully, no smart meters attached outside your bedroom walls.

Homeopathy offers help without dangerous negative side effect. And I’ve seen it proven over and over throughout the years that homeopathy always works – when you find the right remedy.

Which remedy is right for you?

Formulas that might help in your particular situation include: Sleep Aid, Stress Control, Mental Calm, or Anxiety & Nervousness. Or, perhaps your sleep is disturbed by your partner’s snoring (Snore Control) or by your partner’s change of life, in which case, the Menopause Relief may offer help. This is not to say “all of them”! Read the Uses of the ones that seem possible in your situation, and see which resonates best with you. Better yet, work with a “healing buddy” (see my book for more on that).

Getting to the root cause of a health symptom is a bit like cracking a safe’s combination lock. You try a little of this, which helps here (click), and then you try a remedy that helps there (click), and finally, “Ahhhh,” you’re back in balance. For some it’s a fast solution, and for others it may take a little more detective work.

To help you in your detective work, I developed a free Whole Person Appraisal to shine a light on your imbalanced areas. In looking for our own health imbalances, we often can’t see the forest for the trees! This free test helps you see your health clearly. Take this free appraisal as often as you like to measure your progress.

For more information, I devoted a whole chapter of my book to sleep, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally.

Download a free PDF of the Sleep chapter of this book now, and begin your Healing Revolution.

Restful sleep is essential; in fact, “rest” is the first part of the word “restoration.”

— Dr. Frank King

Restore your health with natural sleep.

Enjoy the journey!
Dr. King