Acute Pain Relief Topical Cream

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For temporary relief of: back and neck pain, muscle and joint pain, muscle cramps and stiffness, inflamed muscles and joints, sprains, muscle tension and soreness, body aches, tired legs and feet, stiff and swollen joints.

Ashley Koff Approved.


Relief in just minutes.” I had neurosurgery forty years ago and I have a metal plate fusing my neck. I have neck pain that is worse by the end of the day. I use Cooling Acute Pain Relief™ on my neck and shoulder muscles, and in just minutes the pain is so much better. I go to a luncheon with friends, and we occasionally exchange small gifts.  My gifts were tubes of Acute Pain Relief.  No pills, and relief in just minutes. S. Wood, CA  

Amazing relief in just minutes.”  When I started exercising, the last thing after my therapy session was an application of Cooling Acute Pain Relief™.  Amazing relief in just minutes.  S. Wood, CA

“Thank you for giving me the relief I needed to do my job.” I was on my feet all day at our biggest trade show of the year.  At the end of the day I had serious pain from the soles of my feet through to my calves and knees.  That evening, they were visibly swollen.  I used Cooling Acute Pain Relief™ on my legs and feet, then went to bed. The next morning I noticed my tube of Acute Pain Relief cream, and remembered the pain I had the night before!  I had been walking around completely pain free!  I used that cream the rest of the weekend and it’s what kept me going. Thank you for giving me the relief I needed to do my job. D.S., NC (employee*)

“Pain and stiffness gone.”  I reinjured a sprained knee.  It was swollen, and I was having trouble supporting my full weight.  Cooling Acute Pain Relief™ was recommended to me. A short time later the soreness and pain was going away.  After a few more applications the pain and stiffness was gone.  Now, I reach for this product anytime I have sore muscles or aching joints and experience great results! K.C., NC (employee*)

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