Anxiety & Nervousness

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For temporary relief of symptoms: minor anxiety, fear, irritability, nervousness, minor mood swings, restlessness, stage fright, nervous stomach, over-sensitivity.

2016 Taste for Life Essentials Award Winner


Continual improvement and have had less frequent attacks.”  I have had anxiety attacks for many years on and off. The only temporary relief doctors ever gave me were tranquilizers and antidepressants, which I could not handle, even in the smallest doses. About 3 years ago, I had a head-on collision accident and went into severe panic attacks. I called Dr. King’s by King Bio and decided to try Anxiety & Nervousness™. What a blessing. I now use it regularly. I notice continual improvement and have had less frequent attacks. I am so grateful for King Bio products, and to your kind and courteous staff. H.G., MO

“I try to always have this with me.”  I recently purchase the Anxiety & Nervousness™ formula.  I suffer from occasional bouts of anxiety and found that the Anxiety & Nervousness™ formula greatly reduces symptoms of shakiness, feelings of inner trepidation and fearfulness.  I find that these feelings can come up suddenly and for no apparent reason, and that this spray can return me to equilibrium.  Therefore, it is one of the formulas I try to always have with me. J.K., VT

“Helped me be more confident in my daily life.” I had severe diarrhea which caused much anxiety. I was diagnosed by a doctor with IBS. There were not many options for treatment but to try and manage the symptoms. Then I found Dr. King’s Diarrhea Relief™ and Anxiety & Nervousness™ sprays. It was such a blessing. They helped me manage my symptoms and be more confident in my daily life. Thank you. F.H., FL