Dog: Muscle, Joint & Arthritis

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For symptomatic relief of: hip, joint and back pain, inflammation, stiffness and swelling associated with injuries or arthritis pain, lameness, difficulty rising or climbing stairs, limping or holding foot up, weak hind legs.


“A tremendous shift in my dog’s well-being.” A vet wanted to put my 14-year-old dog to sleep because his hips were beginning to deteriorate. I discovered Muscle, Joint & Arthritis™ formula, and there was a tremendous shift in his well-being. I am so grateful for the Dr. King’s Natural Pet products! A.C., NC

“The connection between hoof wall and whiteline is the cleanest I have ever seen on this horse.” I have been placing an entire bottle of the Natural Vet Muscle, Joint & Arthritis Relief™ into one of the 75-gallon stock tanks once per week for my horses. The usage on the tank with the Dr. King’s in it is at least 50% more. I top off both tanks to the same level each day so I can track it. It appears they are choosing the tank with this product more often. Goliath is a chronic case, but I have noticed the following improvements in his hoof integrity:  He still exhibits some tenderness in his feet, but I suspect that is going to resolve. No bruising in the sole. This is huge as it means the connectivity is taking piece in the laminae. The connection between hoof wall and whiteline is the cleanest I have ever seen on this horse. It is perfect. The bulges in the front of his hoof are diminishing. This has always been very curious as it was never related to any abscess activity. Excellent concavity of hoof. This means the bones are pulling back up into the hoof capsule where they belong. Frog parts of the hoof are meaty and healthy, allowing for natural expansion of the heels and widening of the hoof on the quarters. All of these are really BIG in hoof quality and integrity. This is what I can see on the outside so inside there must be some great changes going on. D.B., ID

Quite a dramatic change!!” My 10-year-old rescue dog with arthritis could only walk a few steps without falling down. After a couple of weeks on Dr. King’s Muscle, Joint & Arthritis™ remedy, she is begging on her hind legs, and running through the house. Quite a dramatic change! Thank you. T.H., GA

I noticed Rocky’s ability to move more comfortably and easier no matter what the weather.”  My 7-year-old boxer Rocky, suffered a torn ACL and while recuperating, he tore another ligament. He had surgery requiring a metal screw and an artificial ligament, which took several years of recovery. As he ages, the cold and wet weather brings a dramatic decrease of his ability to enjoy his daily routine. After adding Natural Pet Muscle, Joint & Arthritis™ to his water every day, I noticed Rocky’s ability to move more comfortably, and easier no matter what the weather. J.R., WV

“The improvement in my cat’s well-being and quality of life is amazing.”  My 14-year-old cat had a worsening limp, and then injured himself.  He had a difficult time jumping and using stairs. My vet prescribed first, anti-inflammatories, then pain medication, and finally cold laser therapy.  None of these treatments were successful. He then advised steroids, which I did not want to give him. I found the Muscle, Joint & Arthritis™ from an internet search.  I gave it to my cat twice a day for 3 weeks, then once a day for 3 months. My cat now has only a faint limp, and can jump up on chairs and beds.  Once he even jumped up on the kitchen countertop.  The improvement in my cat’s well-being and quality of life is amazing.  I am very thankful for this product. Ann H., GA