Migraine Relief


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For temporary relief of symptoms: migraine headache, sick, throbbing, or occipital headache, nausea, light sensitivity, heavy feeling in head, band feeling around head, morning headache, sun headache, pain over half the head.


“I have never had such a fast recovery from ocular migraines.” I had an ocular migraine come on, which began with nausea and blocked my vision with a sick headache. I was near a health food store and they recommended your product Dr. King’s Migraine Relief™. I was not sure if I would make it home before I got sick or lost all of my vision, so I quickly opened the package in the parking lot and sprayed it into my mouth. I was hoping to get home before losing my vision. To my surprise and extreme joy, by the time I got home the vision blocking had disappeared and my nausea was gone. I was able to do my computer work without any problems. I have never had such a fast recovery from ocular migraines. I am recommending your product to everyone. M. Adams, OH

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