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For temporary relief of symptoms due to occasional sleeplessness: restlessness, nervousness, exhaustion, excitability, inability to fall or stay asleep, and worry.


“I’ve reduced my dependency on prescription sleep aids.”  Since I’ve been using Sleep Aid™ I’ve been able to reduce my dependency on prescription sleep aids.  For several years, I‘ve tried many sleep aids, and none of them, including prescription sleep aids, has been as effective as Sleep Aid™ at affording me sleep from, which I wake up feeling rested without side effects, such as drowsiness or liver discomfort.  I would also like to compliment your staff who take orders.  They are always friendly, courteous, helpful, and never pressure me to buy anything I don’t want. G.H., NC

“Within days, I was sleeping seven hours a night, which for me is a miracle.” Getting a good night’s sleep is what I was hoping and praying for. Then I heard about Sleep Aid™ from Dr. King’s by King Bio. I used it 4 – 6 times a day and right before bed. Within days, I was sleeping seven hours a night, which for me is a miracle. I also feel more relaxed and peaceful. D.S., PA

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