Some Say, “Kids are Carefree.” Today’s Kids Disagree.

Today’s children are under more stress than ever, and stress and sleep disturbances go hand-in-hand.

According to “Stress in America Findings,” a recent American Psychological Association survey and report, 33% of young people reported experiencing health symptoms associated with stress within the past month. Of those, 38% also reported sleep problems.

Parents seeking natural solutions often find that herbal and nutritional supplements offer limited relief. Herbs and vitamins are often contraindicated with other medications or may contain questionable ingredients such as sugar.

Dr. King’s advanced, contemporary homeopathic medicine for kids is a parent’s dream, with no worries about negative side effects, no concerns about habituation or overdose, and no medication contraindications. Plus, it’s free of common sensitivity reaction triggers: it’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Dr. King’s delivers safety and purity, with pure water based, taste-free, easy-to-dose oral sprays. This is especially welcomed by kids, who will have one less stress: no negative attention due to taking “medicine.”

With Dr. King’s safe, over-the-counter medicine, kids may not need to go to the nurse’s office to take a dose. Depending on school rules, kids may be allowed to carry Dr. King’s in their backpacks. Taking a dose just looks (to others) like they’re using a spray breath freshener.

Learn more about these formulas below.

Address (don’t suppress) the stress!

Today’s young people suffer from their own stressors (e.g., peer pressure, performance anxiety) as well as their parents’ stress (although parents are often unaware of this). These anxieties affect everything from their schoolwork to their overall health. Dr. King’s safe, pure-water based, sugar-free, gluten-free, taste-free, oral spray provides temporary relief to help kids better address stress and anxiety.

Kids need rest to be at their best.

Children need more sleep than adults, and studies show many children today don’t sleep enough. Experts blame stress and excess digital stimulation. Lack of sleep leads to poor performance and excess weight. Dr. King’s Kids Sleep Aid is a pure water based, sugar-free, taste-free, gluten-free, oral spray option. Building on the great success of Dr. King’s adult Sleep Aid, this product is specially formulated for little ones.

These new products can easily stand alone, but if your child suffers from both sets of symptoms, you can safely use both as complementary formulas.

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Parents (and kids!) love what Dr. King’s delivers:

  • Safety1
  • Purity2
  • Taste-free medicine
  • Free of sugar, dairy, and gluten
  • Multi-ingredient formulas for broad-spectrum results
  • Easy, oral spray dosing
  • Low cost per dose
  • Symptom relief!

1 Homeopathy has no known negative side effects and no known contraindications with other medications.

2 Most homeopathic medicines on the market contain lactose (milk sugar), sugar, or glycerin. Not Dr. King’s! He formulates his oral