Sonya’s Revival

As the calendar flips to a new year, we turn our thoughts to the positive change we can bring to our lives. This reminds me of Sonya’s story, which at first did not look at all optimistic. Sonya came into my office bent over and fatigued, which surprised me since she was an attractive young woman in her twenties. The curtain has closed on her life, I thought. She looks as if she’s a prisoner of her own body. Sonya told me about the sinus and intestinal issues that plagued her. She was at the end of her rope, having tried several doctors, drugs and remedies. All of her healthcare expenses were covered by the state, and she had a shelf full of free prescription drugs, but her quality of life sank lower each day. Having little hope and nothing to lose, she decided to give our holistic, naturopathic approach a try. So we counseled her to make some simple changes in her diet and lifestyle, which she readily accepted. In the following weeks, Sonya experienced quick relief from her painful symptoms. Under her doctor’s care, she quit her prescription drugs. She ate better and exercised. She drank more water and got more sleep. Meanwhile, her energy and enthusiasm rocketed to the sky. Sonya literally became a new person. She displayed beautiful confidence and hope for the future.


The last time I saw Sonya, she was youthful and vibrant. Her smile was captivating. A new joy and happiness had taken root in her heart. Her face shone with the brilliance of the morning sun. “Guess what, Dr. King?” Sonya asked me that day. “I’m going to college.” “That’s wonderful, Sonya. I’m so proud of you!” This news was especially significant since it meant Sonya was breaking a tradition. Most of her family was unemployed and deeply rooted in the welfare system. “I’ve taken an interest in advertising and marketing, Dr. King. I wrote some pretty good jingles. I think I’m a natural. So I applied for college … and I got accepted!” I was so happy for Sonya. She showed me how a victim can become a victor. She set off not walking, not jogging, but sprinting down the road to a better life.

Nothing truly stops you. Nothing truly holds you back. For your own will is always within your control. Sickness may challenge your body. But are you merely your body? Lameness may impede your legs. But you are not merely your legs. Your will is bigger than your legs. Your will needn’t be affected by an incident unless you let it. – Greek philosopher Epictetus

This is adapted from Dr. Frank King’s book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally. Copyright 2014, Frank J. King, Jr. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.