Take Back the Family Farm

When I was given charge of our family farm in the 1970s, I converted our 450 acres to organic, biodynamic production. Why? Because I was learning how far our nation’s farms had come from their natural, healthy roots. I was astounded that much of our food came from factories, not farms. These processing plants did their wonder-working magic on our food, enhancing the taste with artificial flavors, adding artificial nutrients, increasing its shelf life, and of course, multiplying profits for corporations. Today, I am shocked that chemical concoctions like diet sodas with nothing nutritional in them and breakfast cereals with 55 percent sugar ever got to be classified as “food.” Fake frooty artificial flavors can never match the oh-my-gosh life-changing-goodness of biting into a perfectly ripe melon or peach. No commercially-extruded burger on earth will ever compare to the beauty of bison from my own ranch.


You may not be able to revitalize a family farm like I did years ago, but at least you can revolutionize your kitchen. It’s time we rediscover whole, natural and delicious foods. It’s time we took back our taste buds. Since we were kids, our senses have been overwhelmed by great heaps of cheap, sweet, greasy, chemically-processed, flavor-enhanced, genetically-modified “food.” Our foods are like a science project and we are the guinea pigs. It is possible to retrain your senses. I know people who – at a more unhealthy time in their lives – couldn’t stand the taste or feel of whole foods, or who hated pure, unadulterated water. These people retrained their taste buds simply by abstaining from the bad and eating the good. Later when they tried the fake food again, they said “Yuck! This stuff is gross!” Give it a try. Try eating only the real deal for a month or two. You’ll never go back, once your taste buds are reprogrammed to the awesomeness of real, whole foods as they were meant to be eaten. It’s time you take back your taste buds!

This article is adapted from Dr. Frank King’s book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally. Copyright 2013, Frank J. King, Jr. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.