The Body is a Gift

The Body is a Gift, Charles P. Whalen DD, DC

I always say if we wear out our bodies, we’ll have nowhere to live. The body is a gift and we are responsible for taking care of it, especially if we hope for long and healthy lives.

I consider myself an old hippie: Making a positive impact on the planet is a dream that has always guided me. Becoming a chiropractor was my opportunity to help people and improve their health and quality of life.

Along the way, I’ve encountered priceless moments and life-changing people. A highlight was meeting Dr. Jon Kabara, who discovered the incredible health benefits of monolaurin, a constituent of breast milk and other natural sources like saw palmetto, bitter melon and my favorite, coconut oil.

Coconut oil has an interesting history. After World War II, there was a smear campaign claiming, “It will make you fat.” But when farmers began feeding coconut oil to their cows hoping to fatten them up, the cows actually became skinnier and healthier. This is because monolaurin and coconut oil benefit us internally and externally by boosting immunity and acting with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties (and no, they don’t make us fat).

After learning all of this incredible information, I thought: “Why would I take harmful drugs on purpose, especially when natural solutions like this exist? How can I help others think the same way?” As a result, I established my company, Pure Health for You, where I am able to offer products and tools that embrace the healing power of coconuts.

Natural healing methods have illuminated my life and have helped me realize my greatest purpose. I look forward to sharing more amazing details with you at the Healing Revolution Summit, so you too can spread the word about monolaurin, coconut oil and other wonderful medicines found within nature.

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