The Healing Revolution: Essential #8 – Hands On Techniques (HOTs)

Do you suffer from “touch starvation”? Many people do.

In our society, we aren’t taught that healthy touch is important for everyone, not just babies. In fact, baby animals and humans who aren’t touched have failure to thrive and may even die. Touch is healing.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I know how important Hands On Techniques (we call them HOTs for short) are. They can empower you in ways you never thought possible, as you make the commitment to nurture and develop them like a beautiful garden. Imagine your health as it might be, as it should be, as it WILL be. Your attitude will determine your altitude, so fly high!

Before you begin, however, I encourage you to take our Whole Person Appraisal at This free tool shows you the “big picture” of your health, helping you focus on the specific areas that are most in need of wholeness. You will also find helpful videos of these and more Hands On Techniques at that website. And it’s all free!

We’ve taught thousands of people how to heal using these life-changing techniques. Most of these HOTs may be learned and practiced alone, and some may require a “healing buddy.” 

Healing Buddies Create Healing Parties

If you’ve read my book, The Healing Revolution, you’ve heard the terms “healing buddies” and “healing parties.” Healing parties have a great purpose: empowerment. It’s so rewarding to reduce suffering by helping others learn how to help themselves.

All you need is a compassionate heart and willingness to share knowledge. That sharing turns into developing healing buddies, which turns into more healing parties. An energy of excitement and empowerment happens, and it’s fun.

Ready to start learning?

Let’s begin with the Bio Response Test (BRT) and Tap Into Potential (TIP), two of the most valuable tools in The Healing Revolution®.

BRT How-To

The BRT (a.k.a. Muscle Response Test or MRT) is a way to access your body’s built-in “truth detector.” It helps you discover what is healthy, specifically for you (because everyone is unique).

You will need a healing buddy to perform BRT. Always use a healthy, strong shoulder, not a sore or injured one for this technique. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, your healing buddy will test to see if you have a strong or weak response. (This has nothing to do with you being a strong or a weak person! It simply tests the nerve communication flow to the muscle.)
  2. Stand facing your healing buddy. Raise your dominant arm straight in front of you at shoulder height, parallel to the floor, with your elbow locked straight. Your buddy will apply downward pressure to your wrist.
  • Strong response – If you have a strong response, your arm remains firm and steady, not going down at all.
    • Next, hold some food or a household item next to your body, or make a statement related to your health. Your strong arm will go weak when you hold or say things that are unhealthy for you.
  • Weak response – If you have a weak response, your arm becomes weak or “mushy” and goes down a few inches. (Your healing buddy should not push down more than about three inches if you have a weak response.)
    • Next, hold a food or household item next to your body, or make a statement related to your health. Your weak arm will go strong when you hold or say things that are healthy for you.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not. Your body has an energy field and so does everything else. Your body’s innate wisdom can communicate via this method. Many health professionals use this technique to gain helpful information beyond what lab tests could reveal.

See the video of the BRT in action here.

Why is the BRT so great?

You can test everything with BRT! You can test all the foods in your kitchen, your cleaning supplies, your body-care products, everything in your medicine chest, your pets, your work space, your sleep space, your habits, your attitudes, your actions … the possibilities are endless!

BRT reveals a wealth of knowledge that may otherwise be inaccessible. This tool has the potential to take you light years ahead of where conventional medical tests today can lead you. That’s why I’m so excited to share this powerful HOT tool with my Healing Revolution friends!

“Specializing in Difficult Cases” was the tagline for our practice. BRT and TIP were the two main reasons we were able to succeed where so many others failed.

TIP How-To

Tap Into Potential (TIP) is a powerful tool for change … for improving health and for reprogramming negative attitudes and habits to become positive ones. TIP involves tapping, with your fingertips (as many as comfortably fit), over key acupuncture meridian points while making positive statements (verbally and mentally).

Science may not be able to fully explain how tapping translates to positive results, but the evidence in favor of TIP is overwhelming. You become what you believe and desire, in the measure to which you invest yourself in the process.


Identify and name the problem (ailment, imbalance, or attitude) you want to change. Then make statements that replace that with the new you that you want to become. Think more about abundant health and powerful potentials than problems.

Improvise freely, refining the beautiful picture of who you are becoming. Use this technique to address physical illness, emotions, pain, choices, relationships and attitudes.

Use it to reduce fears, to increase performance or to prepare you to make better choices.


Use both hands at once, and tap with fingertips while making positive affirmations:

  • Begin at the temple region of the head, slightly in front and above the front edge of the ears. Tap in an oval around the temples for about five rotations while making positive statements. Tapping here first will open your filters and help your body and mind become more receptive to positive change.
  • The top-center of your head, on the front portion of the “soft spot” depression (from when you were a baby).
  • Around both eyes. Your fingers will simultaneously tap near the inner corners, along your eyebrow and on the outside corner of your eyes. Your thumb will tap the middle-center below your eye. Alternately, you may tap each of these points individually.
  • Above and below your lips, at the inner-most indentation.
  • On each side of the top of your chest bone, below the bony protrusion where your clavicles meet your sternum.

Put your mind at ease and simply enjoy the process. The more you tap, the more comfortable you will become.

Keep moving forward and never look back. Learn to integrate all your senses in the process: your sight, smell, hearing, words, touch, emotions, visualizations, hopes and faith. Put your whole self into it.

At first, the mechanics of tapping may take your full attention, but soon the physical procedure will become natural and “automatic” as you focus on what really matters.

New personal, relevant thoughts will come to you as you tap. Doors of new insight will open, revealing deeper revelations into yourself. Allow your new creative thoughts to take you as far as you want to go. Spend as much time on TIP as you like – sessions can vary from three to 30 minutes, as often as you choose.

See the demonstration of TIP on this video.

What’s so amazing about TIP?

The art of abundant living involves breaking free from your old, negative patterns, climbing out of your rut and awakening the untapped power and potential within you. TIP is the transformative “secret weapon” empowering victims to become victors.

You will be amazed at how profound your transformation can be, once you seriously, consistently tap into the power of TIP. Create a vision that is greater than yourself, then tap to get there. Don’t allow parents, peers or the world to define your boundaries. Your attitude determines your altitude, so fly high, leaving small-mindedness behind!

More HOTs

These are the first two HOTs, and there are many more. To learn how to Shrink Your Stomach, the Emotional De-Stressing Technique, the Ileocecal Valve Technique and much more, watch Dr. King’s The Healing Revolution free videos here.

Eight Essentials in Eight Weeks … and Beyond

Next week, we’ll begin the fun part – brainstorming for “beyond”!

We want to help you develop a network of people in your community who have the same interest you do in becoming healthier. Among that group, you may find a healing buddy to work with. What would an ideal, supportive, healing community look like for you?

Let’s brainstorm together about how to bring more Healing Parties and Healing Revolution Communities into manifestation. Please email your ideas to: sunny (at) kingbio (dot) com.

Thanks for being part of enjoying this healing journey, together!