The Healing Revolution: Onward & Upward

Spring is beginning, and what a wonderful start to 2019 we’ve had – eight weeks of journeying together through the Eight Essentials! Have you made progress as a Healing Revolutionist? Have you found this past eight weeks helpful?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” Has your mind been opened to some healthy new possibilities?

I always say our attitude determines our altitude in life. Do you know anyone who continuously focuses on the worst-case scenarios? If the nose of a plane is already facing downward, and it’s hit, head-on, by a storm, the plane is vulnerable. Which direction do you think it will go? But if the plane’s nose is facing upward and the storms of life come at it, that added momentum can carry it even higher. We can choose to focus on the best possible outcome and soar above the challenges.

Do you have positive, health-minded friends?

Find your tribe

Making positive lifestyle changes is easier when you are part of a community in alignment with your health goals. James Maskell makes a compelling case during his TEDx Talk for the statement: “Community, and not medicine, creates health.”

Finding your supportive community is important. Friends have a huge impact on many aspects of our lives, so researchers find. Studies have shown that close friends even tend to weigh a similar amount and earn at similar income levels.

In some sectors of the UK, community is now seen as a public health necessity. Check out the fascinating Compassionate Frome Project. After implementing a social network to combat loneliness in Frome, hospital visits fell by 17%, while surrounding communities had a 29% increase during the same time frame. Doctors estimated one in ten people had surgeries mainly because they were lonely. Without support networks, people are sicker and die sooner. Social scientists have sounded the alarm that modern society is isolating, in spite of (or maybe because of) social media.

One new Healing Revolutionist in our town told me, “I’ve made healthy changes to my diet and lifestyle, but my friends aren’t interested. They want to go to bars or places that serve unhealthy food. I don’t want to go backward! But I’ve lost my old social circle, and it’s lonely. I need to find people who want to be healthy, but how?”

Some Internet resources have a mission to connect people in real time. allows groups of like-minded people to coordinate meetings around similar interests (not for romance). Other, less well-known, groups exist, such as and Perhaps you can join health-minded groups in your area, for hiking or yoga, for example.

But what if you could join a group specific to The Healing Revolution® based around all Eight Essentials? Would that appeal to you?

Brainstorm with Us: Where Do You Want to Go from Here?

If you have the attitude of wanting to achieve a higher altitude in life, we want to brainstorm with you!

This past eight weeks, we briefly touched on each Essential of a healthy, balanced, abundant life, yet we’ve barely scratched the surface of where we could go. I have so much more free, empowering information to share with you, if you want to keep learning.

If you don’t have a Healing Revolution tribe, would you want to be an organizer in setting one up in your community? What tools would you need? Let us hear from you!

Email your ideas for expanding The Healing Revolution to sunny [at] kingbio [dot] com.

We look forward to continuing the momentum, onward and upward!

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The Healing Revolution is for everyone – let’s enjoy the journey together!