‘Tis the season to be … stressed?

At midnight your favorite store will be selling this year’s hottest gadget for half the price. On a mission, you get in the car, head to the mall, and find yourself in a traffic jam. After an hour gripping the steering wheel and exclaiming, “Outta my way!” you are struck with guilt when your car finally crawls past a wreck on the side of the road: It’s another shopper. Now they will never get to the store in time. Feeling sympathy, but keeping your eyes on the prize, you proceed and pull into the shopping plaza. Parking your car is like a game of Tetris, where finding a precise opening is a win or lose scenario. You find the perfect spot and celebrate your victory. Then you see it: there is already a line wrapping around the building and other seekers have been camping outside the entry doors for hours. But there’s no turning back now, this is what you’ve been waiting for all year.


When the doors finally open, the push to enter is so intense that fellow shoppers are falling down, tripping over one another and struggling to make their way through (or over) the crowd. But you wait politely for your turn. Then, just before you reach for the only remaining package, a rabid treasure hunter lunges out, grabs it, and shouts “woo hoo!” You’re in shock. That was the last one. Your hands are empty. You have been robbed of the Holy Grail. Stress begins to percolate inside of you, poisoning the Christmas cheer. Don’t let circumstances rob your joy. Remember what is really important around the holidays: seeing grandma and grandpa, laughing and celebrating with friends and family, making unforgettable memories. Over time, the holiday season has become infamous for stress-related mishaps like the shopping experience described above. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports a drastic increase in serious highway crashes, and sadly, emergency rooms see a five percent climb in heart-related illness. [1] Let’s all take a deep breath, sit back, de-stress, and enjoy the holiday season for the “comfort and joy” it is intended to bring. If you need a little help, we offer Adrenal Burnout, Adrenal Burnout, Good Mood Enhancer, and Grief & Guilt Reliever, all of which are formulated to relieve the ups, downs and in-betweens that can trigger holiday stressors.