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Dr. King’s passion and life’s mission is to empower everyone with the natural tools and techniques that can propel their lives and health to the highest level.

In his 40+ years of natural healthcare practice, Dr. King witnessed that the patients who experienced the most miraculous, life-changing transformations were hungry to learn the tools he shared. They took the tools and ran with them. They not only studied them, but they also practiced them in their own and and their families lives.

Dr. King has documented the best, most life-enhancing tools and techniques that he’s discovered during the past 40 years and is sharing them with you, now, completely FREE!

Download, learn and practice – and prepare to experience greater health empowerment.

  • Sphincter of Oddi Massage Technique
    • Q. – What are the best enzymes for you? A. – The ones your own body makes. The problem for most people is that their body cannot release all the enzymes they need because a tiny valve is in spasm. Learn to release that valve for better digestion and overall health.
      Download (.pdf)
  • Ear Acupressure Point Massage
    • Your ears hold the keys to helping you overcome persistent, recurring, and resistant health problems. Each part of your ear corresponds to a part of your body. Use this handy chart to massage your way around your ears and improve your health.
      Download (.pdf)
  • Adrenal & Thyroid Therapeutic Points
    • This chart is a brief introduction to the more extensive information found in the eBook below, How You Can Manage & Monitor Your Adrenal & Thyroid Health.
      Download (.pdf)
  • eBook – How You Can Manage & Monitor Your Adrenal & Thyroid Health
    • Learn the simple tools to monitor your adrenal and thyroid glands. Even more importantly, learn the tips that will help you increase your energy, naturally!
      Download (.pdf)
  • ICV – The #1 Cause of Autointoxication & How to Fix It
    • Everyone thinks toxins enter the body only from the outside, but your own body creates toxins. If they keep moving out, no problem. But if they become trapped due to a common internal spasm, discomfort occurs. Learn how to correct this problem and ensure that those toxins keep moving out.
      Download (.pdf)
  • De-Stressing Techniques
    • We are all under more stress than ever these days, which negatively impacts all aspects of health. Learn to quickly deactivate that stress, whether emotional and physical. Even children can learn these simple techniques.
      Download (.pdf)
  • Allergy & Toxicity Desensitization Technique
    • This valuable chart is a three-in-one! Even if you don’t have allergies, by having these key points along your spine massaged, you’ll keep your lymph moving, discover organs and glands that might need more support, and prevent future pain and possibly injuries. It’s a loving gift of greater health when partners trade massages.
      Download (.pdf)

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