What are some ways that I can prevent Candida?

Candida Prevention is Multi-Dimensional

Candida prevention is a multi-dimensional process without a singular solution. Candida overgrowth factors include health history, lifestyle and body composition.


Candida Prevention is About the Individual

In order to prevent Candida and find relief from symptoms, the numerous factors that cause Candida issues will need to be examined for each specific case or condition. For example, Candida prevention techniques will be different for a person who eats a strict, whole-foods based, Candida-control diet than for a person whose diet is the major contributor to their Candida symptoms. Similarly, lifestyle changes would be different for someone who experiences frequent stress, versus someone who does not. Overall, everyone’s healing journeys and treatments are unique and should be given individualized attention. 


First Steps toward Candida Prevention

General prevention: Follow a Candida prevention diet that avoids yeast-feeding foods. Reduce stress at home and at work. Take probiotics, homeopathics and other natural supplements that support immunity. Take our Candida Test* to gain a better understanding of the Candida overgrowth potential in your body and how you can begin minimizing it.

Yeast infection prevention: Wear natural-fiber underwear that are loose fitting and breathe well. Avoid tight-fitting items like pantyhose that limit air circulation. Do not wear wet clothing for lengthy periods of time. Do not take very hot baths or spend time in hot tubs.[1]

Thrush prevention: Rinse your mouth after using medications. Practice good teeth brushing and flossing habits.[2] Use natural alternatives to prescribed antibiotics whenever possible. If prescription drugs must be used, accompany or follow them with a probiotic supplement to support the immune system.

Natural remedies for Candida: Dr. Frank King recommends homeopathy for Candida symptoms due to its effectiveness and safety profile: 200-years of worldwide use with no known negative side effects and no known negative drug interactions or contraindications. Dr. King has formulated the Candida Control Kit to target the telltale symptoms of Candida overgrowth and support intestinal and bodily balance*. Click here to learn more.


Awareness Helps Candida Prevention  

Usually, long-term suppressive therapy is recommended to prevent or control recurring vulvovaginal candida (RVVC) infections. Even after therapy, recurrence still occurs in about 40 to 50 percent of cases.[3] Recurring infections have been traced to either having Candida-infected sexual partners or to a Candida infection in the gastrointestinal tract. Close proximity to contaminated areas can re-infect the vulvovaginal area.[4] In this case, Candida prevention requires close attention from the affected individual, especially regarding their physical surroundings and skin-to-skin contact.


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