Bison, the National Mammal of the United States

With prehistoric roots dating back to the Ice Age, the North American bison is an incredible animal whose genetics have remained strong through the ages. As the foundation for Dr. King’s farm, this magnificent creature continues to inspire Dr. King and his team.


Native to this continent, they were called “good medicine” by the Native Americans, who relied on them for survival. In reality, the animal did more than provide for the people’s basic needs; the meat also allowed them to thrive with the gift of good health and longevity.

Health of Bison

Dr. King has seen firsthand the positive effects of adding the meat of this animal to the daily diet. It is a nutrient-dense meat that is low-fat and low in cholesterol with high levels of vitamin E, omega-3 essential fatty acids, and protein.


These animals are genetically diverse, and have a lineage that includes wood bison crossed with plains bison. We’ve also added wisent (European) to our farms in hopes of increasing genetic strength by restoring global diversity to the breed for the first time.

Dr. King and the Native American Prophecy

As a 30-year plus member of the National Bison Association, Dr. King takes his mission of growing these animals very seriously. He believes creating a healthy and diverse population is the first step in the sacred fulfillment of The Return of the White Buffalo Prophecy from Native American history.

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Dr. King’s Farms has earned a respected reputation of having some of the most impressive and rarest breeding stock in the country, consisting of Bison, Watusi, and other animals. Ranchers from all over America have purchased our prestigious livestock. Lineage and specific information for each animal are easily accessible though Dr. King’s Farms easy-to-use online tool. Search for the next magnificent member of your herd today!