About Watusi

Watusi cattle, an impressive, ancient breed with East African roots stretching back 6,000 years, are direct descendants of the prehistoric Auroch cow (which goes back 8,000 years).

Watusi are called “The Cattle of Kings” in their ancestral land. A chief’s wealth and prestige were measured by the number and quality of the Watusi they owned. When families asked for marriage dowries, the quality of the cattle presented was of utmost importance.

These cattle are gentle, unless defending themselves against predators (their horns can spear a lion).


Those Massive Horns!

Today, best known as the largest horned cattle in the world, Watusi horns have measured at eight feet in total length and 20-30 inches in circumference!

Unlike the horns of most animals, Watusi horns are filled with a dense circulatory network. This allows them to efficiently regulate their body temperature in extreme weather conditions.

The Watusi-Dinosaur Link

This amazing animal is the only known link on Earth that shares the unique bifurcated neural spine, just as the prehistoric, long-necked, plant-eating Sauropod dinosaurs did. The paleontologist who published her discovery in 2014, theorized that this spinal adaptation enables the Watusi to graze and maneuver its massive horns, while efficiently conserving bodily energy, just as the Sauropods with the very long necks had to do eons ago.

Dr. King’s Interest in Watusi

Ever since his patients improved after replacing the beef in their diets with bison meat in the 1970s, Dr. King has researched the potential health benefits of many ancient animal breeds, including this remarkable animal.

Young Watusi are born strong and fast, able to run with the herd shortly after birth. In addition, Dr. King was intrigued by the fact that both the men and the women of the tribes who stewarded and were nourished by their Watusi herds often grew to seven feet tall.

He was impressed by the power of this animal’s nourishment, and he plans to study its milk products* and meats for their influence on healthy, natural, human growth factors and their anti-aging potential.

His cultural anthropology research and the desire to increase human health and longevity led to the introduction of this great animal to Dr. King’s Farms.

Today, Dr. King’s Farms stewards the largest herd of Watusi cattle outside of Africa!

*Dr. King is still researching the benefits of Watusi milk, so it is not ready for market yet.

First to Market

As the first to introduce Watusi meat to the market, Dr. King invites you to reconnect to the unmanipulated genetics of this ancient breed that nourished humanity for millennia – and enjoy superb flavor, as well.

  • Wonderful, unique buttery flavor
  • 47% less saturated fat than standard choice beef
  • 24% less cholesterol than standard choice beef
  • 20% less cholesterol than skinless chicken
  • All-natural: no antibiotics or added growth agents administered, ever
  • Raised 100% on non-GMO grass & mountain spring water
  • Lean protein source with healthy (CLA) fatty acids

Three Ways to Shop for Dr. King’s Meats

Dr. King’s sells meat online and through fine retailers and restaurants, as well as at our home office in West Asheville. Email at least 24 hours in advance to place your order for pickup: info (at) carolinabison (dot) com.

You can also purchase meats after farm tours at Dr. King’s Farms store.

In addition, we sell breeding stock to those who want to start or increase their herds.

Dr. King’s Farms has earned a respected reputation of having some of the most impressive and rarest breeding stock in the country. Ranchers from all over America have purchased our prestigious livestock. Lineage and specific information for each animal are easily accessible though Dr. King’s Farms easy-to-use online tool.

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