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Taking people on a farm tour is always fun, but having children on the tour is always an adventure. The questions kids ask truly keep us on our toes. Sometimes we have to devise very creative answers just to keep up. One indelicate thing that all kids are fascinated by, which requires a strong stomach and a sense of humor is…


Bison are big and unashamed regarding bodily functions. Children laugh, squeal, and gross out with delight when the bison, to put it delicately, answer the call of nature. Kids compare various “piles” and debate who made what. Sometimes it’s hilarious to sit back and listen to kids’ varied discussions about bison manure.

One interesting thing about our bison manure, which fascinates children and adults alike, is that our animals produce waste with little to no smell. Visitors sniff the air and smell nothing unpleasant. Why is that?

Well, first of all, bison are very efficient at processing their food, and they use all the nutrients in their diet, which allows them to grow so big and strong. Secondly, all the bison on our farm are entirely grass fed so they are as healthy as they can possibly be. In fact, the hay we feed our bison is actually wild grass that we have cut in the Dakotas and shipped to North Carolina to ensure that our bison eat the exact diet they evolved to eat. The result? Happy, healthy animals.

Dr. King teaches that to be in prime health, we also need to eat what is best for our bodies. Nutrition is one of the Eight Essentials of life that he discusses in his book, The Healing Revolution. Humans evolved eating fresh foods, close to nature, not refined, boxed, preserved, and canned foods. Natural foods include wild meats such as bison and elk as well as ancient grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits.

As mankind has continuously altered cattle genetics (which were never native to this continent), the nutrition that their products provide has changed, too. Dr. King is convinced that the closer our food sources are to their prehistoric genetics, as bison and elk are, the more beneficial their meat is for our health. Studies have confirmed the nutritional superiority of grass-fed meat.

Even as we steward the land and the animals grazing on the wild grass in fields, they, in turn, fertilize that land with their manure (which kids find so “interesting”), perpetuating a continual cycle of life, regeneration and health that benefits us all.

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