Reflections on Health: Past, Present, and Future

As a new year begins, many of us reflect on the past and look back on our journey to our present moment. As I sit here overlooking these beautiful great beasts grazing peacefully in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains, I am struck by how far humanity has come in order to rediscover the need of reconnecting our ties to our ancient selves.

Dr. King started this journey long before he ever set foot in these mountains. His first experiences raising animals came as a child growing up in a farm family. In the 1970s, as he learned more about health, nutrition and sustainability, he transformed his family’s 450-acre farm from a conventional to an organic and biodynamic one, long before it was trendy.

As a young doctor, when he realized his health improved after he added bison meat to his diet,  and how it also dramatically improved the health of his patients, he knew that raising bison was part of his destiny.

He relocated to North Carolina with his first small herd of bison more than thirty years ago. He used the same sustainable practices he developed on his family’s farm to raise bison on the rolling green mountainsides in Leicester, N.C.

A tireless researcher, Dr. King studied the traditional diets of ancient peoples and the various health benefits gained from stewarding ancient livestock. He is convinced that products from ancient foods help to reawaken our genetic potential and allow us to be our healthiest selves.

Because of this passion for researching, our farm has grown in size and diversity over the last thirty years so that not only do we have bison from the plains and woods of North America, but we also have Watusi cattle from East Africa, yak from the Himalayas and milking camels from Asia and the Middle East.

Come and see for yourself! Only ten minutes from Asheville, Dr. King’s Farms is a legacy of his 40-year journey researching humanity’s past in order to bring that ancient health knowledge into the future.

Food for thought … and definitely something to reflect on.

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