Bison Steak – Sirloin (qty 1)


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Unsurpassed versatility and flavor. Prepare it your favorite way: grilled, braised, or stewed.

1 steak per pack, 10oz average per steak


Bison meat tastes similar to beef, yet with a slightly sweeter and richer flavor. Our bison is humanely harvested and “Never-Ever Natural,” meaning that we use: no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, and no animal byproducts – ever.

Bison meat has a fraction of the fat of beef … plus bison is lower in calories and cholesterol, while being higher in protein and energizing Vitamin B12. (Remember, bison is leaner than beef, so it cooks fast! Rare to medium-rare is Dr. King’s favorite method to avoid overcooking.)

In Dr. King’s clinical practice, 40 years ago, his patients that traded out the beef in their diet for bison repeatedly said, “We just feel so much better!”

See if you agree.

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