Balance P.H.A.T. to lose FAT

Toxins & Candida

P.H.A.T. vs. FAT

Four glands, acting in concert, have a lot to do with our appetite and weight:

Pituitary (master gland)
Hypothalamus (regulates appetite)
Adrenals (stress response)
Thyroid (metabolism)

Dr. King uses the acronym: P.H.A.T., and in his clinical experience, it’s easier to lose FAT, when the P.H.A.T glands are balanced.

How do the P.H.A.T. glands become imbalanced?

As we age, our glands often slow down, slowing our metabolism as well. Even when the diet remains the same, it’s common to gain weight (or have our weight gradually “redistributed” to places we’d rather it wasn’t).

Will power and calories are not the whole answer.

Most people think losing weight is just a matter of will power and the simple equation of fewer calories in plus more calories burned equals weight loss.

Not exactly. The tricky thing about dieting is that it also diminishes the output of a thyroid hormone, which in turn, slows the metabolism even further to conserve energy for what the body sees as a famine. In other words, during calorie restriction, the body doesn’t want to give up its weight easily.

Balanced glands support balanced weight.

Dr. King’s Appetite & Weight with P.H.A.T. is a comprehensive formula that addresses many hormones and glands to naturally balance the appetite and balance weight.


Temporarily relieves symptoms contributing to:

  • excessive appetite
  • cravings for sweets and starches
  • water retention
  • overeating
  • excess weight and more

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Key Features: This revolutionary formula includes the specific HPUS ingredients that relate to pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal, and thyroid glands, all which contribute to fat storage in the body. There are also two HPUS flower remedies that assist with emotional factors influenced by cravings and aversion to exercise.

Who developed the Appetite & Weight with P.H.A.T. formula?

Dr. Frank KingDr. Frank King, who founded King Bio in 1989, has produced more than 500 natural medicines for people and pets to help them with everything from allergies to weight loss. He’s a firm believer in a 360-degree approach to health. Everything is connected to everything else.

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