Book Dr. King as a Speaker

Dr. Frank King is a doctor of naturopathy and chiropractic with a 40-year career in natural healthcare. An inspiring, humorous, and dynamic public speaker, Dr. King is dedicated to educating and empowering everyone with powerfully transformative self-health tools and techniques. The clear information he imparts transfixes audiences with the certainty of a deep reconnection with their own inner truth. Although his easy-to-implement, step-by-step blueprint for healthy transformation is detailed in his book, The Healing Revolution, the life-changing experience of hearing Dr. King deliver his message in person is incomparable.

Current Presentations

  • The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally
  • Awakening Our Ability to Heal
  • Sustainable Farming: Go Wild
  • Super Lifestyle Secrets: Allergies, Fatigue, Pain, Weight, Sexual Function and More!
  • Why We Get Sick: Fixing the Flu for the Family
  • Is Homeopathic Medicine For Real?

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