Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies: What are the signs?  

Pet allergies are becoming more prevalent, with almost 50% of domestic dogs impacted.[1] If your dog has suffered through seasonal allergies, food allergies or environmental allergies, you’re probably familiar with the telltale signs.

The most common allergy symptoms in dogs are hot spots (from flea and other pest bites), bald spots, various skin rashes and excessive scratching, licking or biting. Some pets may even experience irritability and restlessness because they cannot find relief from the persistent itchiness they feel. We recommend combining diet and environmental changes with homeopathic medicines for safe, natural relief.

Natural Remedies for Dog Allergy Symptoms

Think twice before taking your pet to the vet for allergy shots – or worse, steroid injections and pills that carry serious side effects. Instead, we recommend homeopathic medicines that have no harmful side effects and are easily administered. Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals makes taste-free and water-based homeopathic products that simply go in your pet’s water bowl.

Our product, Dog: Allergies, relieves allergy symptoms affecting a dog’s mucous membranes and skin, including red, itchy eyes, ears and nose; restlessness; sneezing; congestion; itchy skin; scratching or excessive licking; and allergic or fleabite dermatitis. We also have skin relief options for cats.


Dog Food Allergies

Beware of cheap, unhealthy dog foods. Grains are one of the biggest allergy sensitivities for dogs and cats. Many major-brand pet foods and treats are full of fillers, grains, preservatives and other ingredients that may be harmful for your dog to ingest. Buy a grain-free alternative that contains purer, healthier ingredients to nourish – not irritate – your furry friend.

DIY Tips for Dog Skin Allergies

Dog’s can suffer from skin sensitivy and yeast-related outbreaks. Frequent bathing with gentle, natural soaps can help pets with environmental allergies. Your pet’s skin irritations can be minimized by washing off pollen, bugs and dirt after playing outdoors. Have you heard of an oatmeal bath? Give your dog one by tying raw, organic oat flakes into an old tube sock, and squeeze the milky, soothing liquid over its skin to reduce itching. Additionally, keep your home clean and free of dust and outdoor residues. 

Pet owners are relieved when their pets receive relief … so breathe a sigh of relief with homeopathy.