The Eight Essentials #1: Engaging the Power of the Human Spirit

Modern medicine looks at humans as biochemical beings whose health can be summarized with numbers and graphed on charts.

But we all know we’re much more than a collection of chemicals. We are spirit, and will, and energy. Ignoring those aspects of ourselves is a surefire way to live unhealthy, unfulfilled lives.

Engaging the power of the human spirit is the first of the Eight Essentials of life for a reason: Until we understand that our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are key to our wellbeing, we will remain stuck on the hamster wheel of modern life.

Science is finally beginning to scratch the surface of comprehending the self-healing – and conversely, the self-destroying – power of the human will. Living a positive life focused on our goals and purpose changes the way we think and live. Nurturing the human spirit is key to good health. Researchers are just starting to understand the astonishing human ability to rise above genetic “destiny” and set a new, healthier course.

When you make life-destroying choices related to the human spirit…

  • You suffer depression
  • You feel anxious
  • You’re apathetic toward life

When you make life-affirming choices…

  • You exude confidence
  • You live a life of purpose
  • You’re happier

How to Engage the Power of the Human Spirit

First and foremost, cultivate an attitude of positivity. Life may not be perfect, but when you look for the good in every day, you will find it. Recognize that your beliefs are everything. When you believe that you are the victor – not the victim – in your own story, everything is possible.

Now, try some of these everyday attitude shifts to unlock the potential of your powerful human spirit:

  • Stop and smell the roses. Take the time to enjoy a walk in the park, or play with your pet. Enjoy the little pleasures in life.
  • Nurture your goals and purpose. Living a life of purpose can help you get through setbacks because you know that your life is bigger than any disappointment. Look for deeper meaning and greater aspirations for your life.
  • Live simply. Material possessions do not equal happiness. Learn to need less, and your money stresses will decrease.
  • Invest in friends and family. There is no better way to spend your time than with people you love and who love you.
  • Smile … and stay positive!

You hold the power to shape your future. What will you do with this power?