The Eight Essentials #6: Nature

Think of the feeling of walking out into the fresh, crisp air with warm sun shining on your skin. Doesn’t the image just exude energy and vitality? When we’re in nature, we are revitalized. Its cleansing, healing, bioenergetic force moves right through us.

That’s why nature is one of the Eight Essentials of life. The forces of nature – the sunshine, the breeze, the rain, the energy – revive and invigorate us in a way nothing else can.

When you make life-destroying choices related to nature…

  • You feel stressed
  • You may suffer from depression
  • You feel shut off from the life and vitality around you

When you make life-affirming choices related to nature…

  • You’re more energized
  • Your mood improves
  • You get your daily dose of vitamin D

How to Revolutionize Your Health with Nature

Connecting with nature and the world around you doesn’t require sleeping under the stars (although that’s pretty cool, too). Even city dwellers can get in touch with nature.

  • Walk or exercise outside each day. The more the better, but aim for at least 10 minutes a day out in nature – rain or shine.
  • Go barefoot as much as you can. It’s a wonderful way to ground yourself!
  • Plant a seed in the soil—even if it’s a potted plant. Connecting with the soil is a powerful way to weave yourself back into the fabric of nature’s web.
  • Bring nature inside. Get a small indoor fountain. Use natural cleaning products. Avoid toxins and artificial materials whenever possible.

This basic rule of thumb could save your life: Natural is always better. Nature nurtures our healthy gene expressions. How can you reconnect with nature today?