Dr. King’s Eight Essentials

The Healing Revolution® is all about helping you awaken the healing powers within you. It’s about tapping into the life of abundance and joy that is your birthright.

The Eight Essentials provide an easy-to-follow path to get there. They are the heart and soul of The Healing Revolution.

These empowering natural health techniques are all free. Yet they are the most transformative tools of change I have ever witnessed. Plus, they have been tested and proven to work during my 40 years of sharing them with patients.

The Eight Essentials of life are:

Only when these Eight Essentials of life are integrated into our lives can we live to our fullest potential.

Isn’t That a Lot to Manage? 

Sometimes when people hear me talk about the Eight Essentials, they say, “Eight? I can barely   manage one!”

Here’s what I tell them: Devoting some energy to each of the Eight Essentials is actually easier than devoting all your energy to just one.

Imagine the Eight Essentials as the eight legs of a spider. If you take away seven of the spider’s legs and give him just one to stand on, how easily can he move through life? Not easily at all. Every movement is a struggle.

Now think about your own life. If you’re focused on fitness, but not nutrition, sleep, or water, you’re not going to lose weight. Why? Because all the essentials are part of a whole. Unless you address them holistically, you’ll drag yourself through life – just like that one-legged spider.

When you start implementing the Eight Essentials, you may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to work nearly as hard as you did when you focused on just one area of health.

And more importantly, you will find that your efforts pay off in ways you have never experienced before. You will see improvements to your overall health, whereas your past approaches only benefited small segments of your life.

Think of those ultra-marathon runners who torment their bodies so much that they sustain a permanent athletic injury. Or yo-yo dieters who give up because they can’t lose weight, no matter how much they deprive themselves. These people crash and burn because they work so hard in one essential area of life while neglecting the others.

With the Eight Essentials, you can make small, positive, life-affirming changes in each of the areas and see the results multiply. You’ll start moving through life with less effort and struggle – just like that spider, with all eight legs working together.


Life-destroying choices lead to:

The Eight Essentials

Life-affirming choices lead to:
Depression, anxiety, apathy 1) The Human Spirit Confidence, purpose, happiness
Overfed and undernourished 2) Nutrition Health, appropriate weight
Stagnant fluids, dehydration 3) Water Healthy, hydrated
Fatigue, weakness, obesity 4) Fitness Strength, vigor, alertness
Perpetual tiredness 5) Sleep Energy, well-rested, productivity
Stress, depression 6) Nature Connected in nature
Alienation, unfulfillment 7) Relationships Connected in community
Failure to thrive, early death 8) Hands On Techniques Long life, generous givers

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